How is leaf tea prepared and what is the brewing time?

In this article we see what the differences between teas are and how the infusion time affects its qualities. One aspect of tea that is often unclear is the difference between green tea, black tea, white tea, and oolong tea. First of all, it is good to point out that all types of these types … Read more

Agua de Jamaica: what it is for, benefits and how to make it

Do you know the properties of Jamaican water for health? The flower of Jamaica, also known scientifically as Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L., is a plant of the Malvaceae family that comes mainly from the warm areas of Asia. However, the cultivation of the bush from which Jamaican flowers are extracted has spread over the years to other warm … Read more

Coca tea: benefits, how to drink it and contraindications

Coca is a plant that is considered an alkaloid, like tea or coffee. One of the alkaloids it has is cocaine, although its content in coca leaves is between 0.5% and 1%. Coca tea is becoming better known due to the benefits it brings to health. This tea is made from the dried leaves of the plant. Coca leaf tea: … Read more

Cinnamon tea for periods: benefits and how to make it

Who does not know cinnamon and its various uses in gastronomy around the world? Originally from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), there is evidence to suggest that this wonderful spice was already popular several centuries BC. Chinese, Indians, Phoenicians, Egyptians and Greeks considered it valuable, both for its gastronomic properties and for its preservative and therapeutic qualities. Cinnamon … Read more

Red tea : a complete guide

Red tea is the name we usually give in the West to pu-erh, a tea from China, with a great history, great health benefits and a peculiar but pleasant earthy taste. Red tea is highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its medicinal properties as a purifier.  What is the pu erh, common confusions Pu-erh is … Read more

Benefits of Red tea for weight loss

Tea is well known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and health-promoting properties. Red tea (the precious Chinese pu-erh) is a very peculiar kind of tea, not only for its taste but also for its health effects. This is largely due to the fermentation it goes through during its manufacturing process. In it, yeasts and bacteria act on the composition … Read more

A recipe to make your own chai tea

In recent times, it is common to hear the name chai tea to refer to the mixture of black tea, spices and milk. The word chai simply means tea, so saying “tea tea” is redundant to say the least. It seems that the origin of the misunderstanding is from the Americans, who have shortened the Masala Chai concept to simply chai, … Read more

Oolong tea: all you need to know and which ones to try

Oolong tea is a tea grown mainly in China and Taiwan. The appearance of this tea, with long, dark and curly leaves, gives rise to its name according to the Legend; oolong means black dragon in Chinese. Oolong tea, also known as blue tea, is a tremendously popular tea in China.  Talking about oolong tea is not … Read more

The properties of Red tea

Red tea (as we know Chinese pu-erh in the West) is a very particular tea. During its manufacturing process, it goes through a phase of microbial fermentation that causes compounds and chemical activities that are very beneficial for health to appear. Red tea is a medicinal herb. In recent decades, numerous universities, mainly in China and Japan, … Read more

Lapsang Souchong, smoked tea for daring palates

Lapsang Souchong is the famous tea from the Chinese mountains of Wuyi. Although it is a black tea, it has an unusual feature in its family: it is smoked. In the tea industry, it is common to classify tea leaves by qualities based on their proximity to the plant’s bud. Souchong is the name given to the fourth … Read more