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Homeopathy RemediesHomeopathy Treatment Uses and Applications
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Homeopathy is one of the alternative forms of treatment. It is intended to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers according to the so-called principle of similars. The principle applies here: A substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person should alleviate the same symptoms in a sick person. The homeopathic remedies are extremely diluted for this purpose.

Read everything about classical homeopathy here: its concept, when it is used and which are the most important homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy Uses in Treatment

Whether it’s a bladder infection, a cold or a cough: there are various diseases that homeopathy promises relief from. Read more about the different areas of application, which remedies are suitable in these specific cases and what needs to be considered.

The principle of homeopathy goes back to the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755 to 1844). Since he laid the foundation for the definition of homeopathy, several thousand remedies have been added to the homeopathic pharmacy.

Homeopathic remedies contain fresh plants or parts of plants, substances of mineral origin or animals, parts of animals or their secretions – but in a highly diluted form. Mathematically, they contain hardly any molecules of the original substance. 

The effect that homeopaths ascribe to their remedies cannot be based on a molecular active ingredient, as is the case with conventional medicines or medicinal plants.

More rarely, pathogens or pathological material such as blood serve as the starting material. Homeopathic remedies are also made from medicines and vaccines. However, they are not among the remedies of classical homeopathy. Read more about the individual remedies here. 

Potencies in Homeopathy

This dilution of active ingredients, the so-called potentization, is an important principle of homeopathy. In homeopathy, a remedy is considered to be more effective the more it has been potentized and thus diluted. 

Single remedies and homeopathic complex remedies

Homeopathic remedies are mostly single substances. However, many manufacturers also offer so-called homeopathic complex remedies. In them, various homeopathic remedies are mixed in different potencies in order to expand the spectrum of effects. However, these mixtures are not used in classical homeopathy.

Dosages in homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are usually taken in the form of so-called globules. These are small lactose globules onto which potentised liquid is dripped. Alcoholic drops are also available. However, special non-alcoholic solutions can also be prepared on request.

In addition, there are tablets, ointments or suppositories only in complex homeopathy. Eye drops and injections usually contain single agents, but are only used in classical homeopathy for special indications.

You can get the homeopathic remedies in the right potency either from your homeopath during the course of treatment, or you can order them from the pharmacy afterwards. In addition, drug manufacturers also offer pocket pharmacies already filled with the most common homeopathic remedies – the homeopathic house pharmacies.

For whom is homeopathy suitable?

Not only adults, but also babies and small children, pregnant women, old people or seriously ill people can be treated homeopathically. Read the article “Homeopathy for Babies and Children” to find out how to properly treat your offspring homeopathically.

But it is important: Homeopathy must not be used as the sole therapy for serious or life-threatening diseases! However, it can complement conventional medical treatment.

If one uses homeopathic medicines for chronic diseases, the treatment should be carried out by an experienced homeopath. Assessing the course of treatment is often very difficult.

The homeopathic treatment

At the beginning of a treatment with a homeopath there is always the so-called anamnesis. It can last an hour and a half or more. The homeopath works like a detective: when choosing the right homeopathic remedy, he looks not only for physical but also for mental symptoms, taking into account, for example, the emotional world and general condition. Because the teaching of homeopathy says that every disease changes the overall condition of the individual.

Homeopathic Symptoms

Homeopathic symptoms denote something different than the term symptom in general, which in medicine always means a sign that points to an illness. In homeopathy, emotional and mental changes are also included.

In addition, the homeopath uses certain modalities to determine the symptoms more precisely, since one and the same symptom may indicate different remedies. For example, a cough can be barking, dry or wet, worse or better when lying down or in the fresh air – depending on the homeopath will give a different active ingredient of homeopathy.

Homeopathy Types: Constitutional Treatment

So-called constitutional homeopathy works somewhat differently than classic homeopathy. It does not record the current condition of a patient, but determines the so-called homeopathic type of a person.

This is a combination of physical and mental characteristics that the homeopath uses to diagnose an appropriate constitutional remedy. This always remains the same in adults and can be used against all complaints. However, pure constitutional homeopathy is controversial.

Homeopathy: Effect and initial aggravation

Ideally, the symptoms improve quickly after taking a homeopathic remedy. A particularly important indicator of effectiveness is the alleviation of emotional and mental symptoms.

The remedy should only be taken again when the positive effect wears off or your homeopath has applied it to you accordingly. Because an overdose should be able to return the original symptoms.

If there is no improvement after three to five days, the drug should not be taken any further. You may then have received or chosen the wrong homeopathic remedy and should try another or switch to a different treatment method or potency – it is best to consult your homeopath here.

initial aggravation

Homeopathy and side effects – that doesn’t really exist in the classic sense. But a homeopathic remedy should also be able to temporarily increase the symptoms. This reaction is known as a homeopathic initial aggravation.
In acute cases, the period of time in which the existing symptoms worsen must not last longer than a few minutes to an hour, in chronic cases this can take significantly longer.

disturbed effect

Certain factors can affect how homeopathy works. Therefore, you should observe a few rules of conduct during homeopathic treatment.

  • Take homeopathic remedies calmly. Best in the evening, just before bed.
  • You should not eat or brush your teeth for half an hour before and after taking it.
  • Many homeopaths recommend avoiding menthol (also in toothpaste), peppermint, camphor and caffeinated drinks during treatment.
  • Discuss with your homeopath whether you can take Schuessler salts, Bach flower mixtures, homeopathic complex remedies or other homeopathic remedies at the same time.

Homeopathy: criticism

There is hardly an alternative healing method that triggers such heated discussions as homeopathy. In the article “Homeopathy – Criticism” you can read more about the arguments of homeopathy opponents and proponents and what the status of scientific research regarding homeopathy is.

The concept of homeopathy and its specific effectiveness are controversial in science and not clearly proven by studies.

Homeopathy ingredients from A to Z

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘A’

Abies canadensisAbies Nigra
Acalypha indicaAchillea Millefolium
Acidum aceticumAcidum Benzoicum
Acidum FormicicumAcidum Hydrofluoricum
Acidum Lacticum
Acidum NitricumAcidum Picrinicum
Acidum SalicylicumAconite napellus
Actaea RacemosaAconitum Napellus
Actea SpicataAdonis Vernalis
Aesculus HippocastanumAethusa
Agaricus MuscariusAgnus Castus
AilanthusAletris Farinosa
AlfalfaAllium cepa
Allium SativumAllium Ursinum
Aloe SocotrinaAlumina
AmbergrisAmmi Visnaga
Ammonium BromatumAmmonium Chlorate
Ammonium CarbonicumAnacardium Orientale
Angelica ArchangelicaAntimonium Crudum
Antimonium TartaricumAntimonium Sulfuratum Aurantiacum
Apomorphinum HydrochloricumAralia Racemosa
Aranea DiademaArgentum metallicum
Argentum NitricumAristolochia
Arnica MontanaArsenicum Album
Arsenicum IodatumArum Triphyllum
ArundoAsa Foetida
Asarum EuropaeumAtropinum Sulfuricum
Aurum metallicumAvena Sativa

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘B’

Barium CarbonicumBarium Iodate
Baryta CarbonicaBelladonna
Bellis PerennisBerberis
Bismuth SubnitrateBorax 

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘C’

CactusCadmium Sulfuricum
CaladiumCalcarea Carbonica
Calcarea PhosphoricaCalcium carbonicum
Calcium FluoratumCalcium Iodate
Calcium PhosphoricumCalcium Sulfuricum
CarbovegetablesCarbo Animalis
Carduus marianusCapsella bursa pastoris
CastorCausticum (potassium hydrate)
CaulophyllumCeanothus Americanus
CedroneCelandine (Chelidonium majus)
Cicuta VirosaCimicifuga
China OfficinalisChionanthus Virginicus
CinnabarisCistus Canadensis
CocculusCoccus Cacti
Collinsonia CanadensisColocynthis
CondurangoConium Maculatum
Convallaria MajalisCorallium Rubrum
Crocus Crotalus
Croton TigliumCuprum Arsenicosum
Cuprum metallicumCyclamen
Cypripedium Pubescens

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘D’

DolichosDioscorea Villosa
Drosera rotundifoliaDulcamara

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘E’

EchinaceaElecampane or Inula helenium
EquisetumErigeron Canadensis

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘F’

FagopyrumFerrum Arsenicosum
Ferrum phosphoricumFerrum metallicum 
Flor de piedraFucus vesiculosus

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘G’

Gentiana LuteaGinseng

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘H’

HarpagophytumHedera helix
Hekla lavaHelleborus niger 
HeloniasHepar sulfuris
Hydrastis CanadensisHyoscyamus Niger

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘I’

IpecacuanhaIris Versicolor

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘J’

JaborandiJuglans Regia

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘K’

KalmiaKalium Chloratum
Kalium Sulfuricum

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘L’

Lac CaninumLac Defloratum
LachesisLatrodectus Mactans
LaurocerasusLedum palustre
Lilium TigrineLithium Carbonicum
Lobelia Inflataloofah
Lycopodium ClavatumLycopus Virginicus

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘M’

MadarMagnesia Muriatica
Magnesia PhosphoricaMagnesia Carbonicain
Magnesium CarbonicumMagnesium Chlorate 
Mahonia AquifoliumMagnesium Phosphoricum
Magnesium SulfuricumMandragora
Marum VerumMedorrhinum
Melilotus OfficinalisMercurius Jodatus Flavus
Mercurius solubilisMercury Corrosive

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘N’

Natrum SulfuricumNux Moschata
Nux Vomica

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘O’

OpiumOrnithogalum Umbellatum

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘P’

Paeonia OfficinalisPlatinum Metallicum
PhosphorusPhosphoric acid
Phytolacca DecandraPiper Methysticum
Plantago MajorPlumbium Metallicum
PodophyllumPotassium Arsenicosum
Potassium BichromicumPotassium Bromatum
Potassium CarbonicumPotassium Chlorate
Potassium IodatePotassium Nitrate
Potassium PhosphoricumPotassium Sulfuricum

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘Q’

Quassia Amara

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘R’

Ranunculus BulbosusRauwolfia
RheumatismRhus toxicodendron
RumexRuta graveolens

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘S’

SabadillaSabal Serrulatum
SabinaSalvia Officinalis
Sambucus NigraSanguinaria 
Scutellaria LaterifloraSecale Cornutum
Silicea Sodium Carbonicum
Sodium ChlorateSodium Phosphoricum
Sodium sulfuricumSolidago 
SpigeliaSpiraea Ulmaria
SpongiaStannum Metallicum
Staphysagria Stibium Sulfuratum Nigrum
Sticta PulmonariaStramonium
SulfurSulfuric Acid
Sulfur IodatumSymphytum

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘T’

Tarantula CubensisTarantula (hispanica)
TaraxacumTellurium Metallicum
Teucrium Marum VerumThyroidinum
Thuja occidentalisTobacco

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘U’

Urtica UrensUstilago Maydis

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘V’

Valeriana OfficinalisVeratrum Viride
VerbascumViburnum Opulus
Vinca MinorViola Tricolor
Vipera BerusViscum Album
Veratrum Album

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘W’

Well TripudiansWitch Hazel

Homeopathy remedies starting from letter ‘Z’

Zincum metallicumZincum Valerianicum

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