10 remedies and supplements to combat heat and fatigue in the summer

Summer fatigue is a common and annoying symptom: let’s see what to do to combat exhaustion and fatigue due to excessive heat. Heat and exhaustion in summer form the typical and rather annoying combination. Appearing with different intensity depending on various factors, summer weakness represents a condition that can be easily found in different types … Read more

Natural antacids: which are the best and why they help against acidity

In case of heartburn and acidity, there are some foods and plants that can act as real natural antacids and help relieve symptoms. We have all tried at least once in our life a condition described as “stomach acid”: this term refers to a localized discomfort in the first part of the digestive system and … Read more

Cloves: benefits, properties, uses

Clove is a spice that has many beneficial properties for health. Let’s see what they are and some tips to use it at its best. Clove is a widely used spice in cooking, of Asian origin. The name is given by the fact that this spice resembles carnation but in reality it is the dried … Read more

Blueberries: properties, benefits

Blueberry offers great benefits for eye health and against cellular aging, but not only. Discover all the properties of blueberries. The blueberry is a very common shrub in the woods and along the paths in the mountainous areas. There are various species but the richest in properties is the Vaccinium Myrtillus. The blueberry has a … Read more

Maqui fruit: benefits, properties

A veritable concentrate of antioxidants, another superfruit from South America makes its appearance on the market: Maqui. What are its properties? After the Goji Berry and the Acai Berry now it is the turn of the Maqui, another berry that seems to have characteristics similar to the now famous Goji and Acai sisters. The maqui … Read more

Seaweed: what they are and how to use them in cooking

Seaweed is a food rich in properties and nutritional values ​​that we often do not consider. So here’s why eating algae. Marine algae have long been part of the daily diet of those peoples that rose close to the sea, used like fruit and vegetables. There are many ancient documents that denote the use of … Read more

Celery: here are properties and health benefits

Celery is a vegetable that boasts numerous properties: it is diuretic, purifying and is good for bronchitis. Let’s find out more about this food. Celery (Apium graveolens) boasts strong therapeutic properties. It is a biennial herbaceous plant widely cultivated and commonly used in the kitchen. It grows spontaneously in grassy and marshy places and can … Read more

Soy: nutritional properties, benefits

Soy is a legume rich in beneficial properties: it lowers cholesterol, is good for the nervous system, intestines, etc… Let’s find out what are the properties of soy and any contraindications. Of Asian origin, this legume was grown for food over 5000 years ago. The properties of soy were already known to the Chinese, so … Read more