10 energizing supplements that help fight fatigue and exhaustion

In case of tiredness, stress or exhaustion it can be useful to take supplements with energizing properties. Find out what they are and why they help.

Tiredness and exhaustion are situations that all of us have experienced and that, regularly, recur at certain times of the year. Just think of the changes of season, the great summer heat that makes us spend sleepless nights or those particularly stressful periods in which work or study put us to the test.

The first weapon at our disposal to combat excessive fatigue is certainly a good rest: 7 or 8 hours a night are recommended to get the right sleep and face the day with the right energy. However, this is not always possible or sufficient to regain strength and face the most demanding days in the best possible way.

When we feel tired in the morning, we are unable to concentrate on work or if we feel exhausted, it can be useful to use some energizing supplements.

There are several energy supplements and their mechanism of action is not the same for everyone. There are, for example, supplements that give energy thanks to body rehydration by restoring lost mineral salts, or there are supplements that provide energy by improving circulation or, again, there are supplements that provide exciting substances such as caffeine. Below we will see 10 natural energy supplements that help fight fatigue to be taken, however, only after the approval of your doctor.

10 energy supplements to overcome tiredness and fatigue

1. Guarana, for immediate energy

Guarana is a plant of South American origin with energizing and stimulating effects useful against tiredness, exhaustion or asthenia. This effect seems to be given by the presence of caffeine in quantities higher than those contained in coffee beans. In addition to caffeine, it also contains theobromine and theophylline, two molecules similar to caffeine. For this reason, guarana gives immediate energy and can be used with benefit in case of study or intense work or before a workout. Guarana _it is generally found in the form of a drink, also in association with other ingredients, or in the form of powder, to be taken according to the instructions on the package. In any case, carefully read the list of ingredients of the products you purchase and avoid drinks that are too sugary or rich in aromas.

2. Rodhiola rosea, tonic and anti-stress

Rhodiola rosea is a plant that grows in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia. It is mainly used as an adaptogenic and natural anti-stress tonic. In particular, rhodiola works by improving the body’s resistance to all forms of stress and helps to cope with the most demanding periods. Additionally, it appears to have positive effects on memory, mental performance, and mood. It is found in herbal medicine or pharmacy, even in combinations with other ingredients. To obtain benefits, studies indicate a dose of rhodiola(titrated to 1% in rosavine) around 100-150 mg, twice a day. Generally, as an adaptogen, it is recommended to take the supplement in conjunction with breakfast. However, we remind you that it is always good to refer to what is written on the purchased package.

3. Ginkgo biloba, against mental fatigue

It is not a real energizing supplement, however the effect of ginkgo biloba is to improve cognitive performance and can be really useful in case of mental fatigue. Ginkgo promotes central and peripheral circulation, including cerebral microcirculation and, consequently, improves tissue oxygenation. For this reason it can be of great help to regain the ideal concentration and mental clarity to do your job or study at best. According to some evidence, the recommended amount of ginkgo to promote brain function would be 240 mg of extract per day. Before taking it is recommended to seek medical advice as this supplement can interfere with anti-coagulant drugs.

4. Supplements of mineral salts, in case of heat or intense sport

Mineral salts are essential for our health and are an important source of energy for the body. There are some periods of the year, such as summer, or in the case of those who practice sports, in which one tends to lose more mineral salts than usual with sweat and this can cause tiredness and exhaustion. The first weapon we have at our disposal to replenish the mineral salts lost with sweat is undoubtedly nutrition. Drinking water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables, for example, helps us keep the body hydrated and restore the hydro-saline balance. If this were not enough, at certain times we can also take some mineral salt supplementsto fight fatigue, regain energy and better face our daily life tasks. For this purpose, the most recommended mineral salts are generally magnesium and potassium, but we can ask the doctor or directly at the pharmacy for the most suitable formulations for our needs.

5. Yerba mate, the energy drink

More than a supplement, it is an energizing drink. Yerba mate is a plant of South American origin with which a drink with stimulating and energizing properties is prepared, thanks to the presence of caffeine (in this case it is also called matein), the active ingredient that underlies the stimulating effect of this plant. The drink can be taken in periods of greater fatigue or during seasonal changes, possibly in the morning. Yerba mate in leaves or in sachets can be found in herbalists, bioshops or specialized online stores.

6. Ginseng, the best known adaptogen

Ginseng is also an excellent supplement that allows you to have immediate energy; it is, in fact, one of the best known energizing remedies. Originally from East Asia, it is used as an adaptogenic tonic to overcome periods of increased fatigue and stress. The presence of ginsenoids and other active ingredients gives the plant the ability to “adapt” the organism (hence the name “adaptogen”) to deal with stress and fatigue. Ginseng can be taken through titrated dry extracts, mother tincture, dry root to chew or as a drink.

7. Eleutherococcus, in case of fatigue and bad mood

Also called Siberian Ginseng, eleutherococcus is, like ginseng, a plant with adaptogenic properties and is a valid energizing supplement. Eleuthero can be used against asthenia, tiredness, stress, fatigue or to regain energy during seasonal changes. This plant also seems to have antidepressant effects, a useful property in case fatigue is accompanied by bad mood, stress or anxiety.

Eleuthero is generally taken in the form of standardized extracts, mother tincture or, more rarely, in bulk for herbal teas. The plant can be found in herbalists, pharmacies or specialized online stores. For all the details on the products on the market, we recommend that you ask your pharmacist or herbalist directly.

8. Fenugreek, a natural tonic

More than a real energizing supplement, fenugreek is a natural tonic. It is a plant from the Mediterranean basin whose use dates back to ancient times. Its restorative properties are given by the presence of some compounds structurally similar to steroid hormones, by the presence of proteins and by the effects on the metabolism that this plant offers. In particular, fenugreek acts positively on the metabolism of carbohydrates, cholesterol and triglycerides, favoring the correct use of sugars and fats by the body. Using fenugreek for several consecutive days will give you the energy you need to overcome periods of fatigue. Its effect has also been seen onsports, with a marked improvement in performance. As with other supplements, also in this case it is advisable to ask the herbalist or pharmacist to indicate the ideal product for our needs.

9. Carnitine, to produce more energy

Carnitine (also known as L-carnitine) is an amino acid derivative that helps the body produce more energy. Its mechanism of action consists mainly in favoring the transport of fatty acids inside the cell and, more precisely, in the mitochondrion, where they are then converted into energy. The consequence is an improvement in the efficiency of the body’s energy production processes. For this reason, carnitine can be useful for fighting fatigue. As a supplement, carnitine is generally found in the form of a powder to be dissolved in water or in tablets, to be taken following the directions on the package.

10. Maca, the invigorating plant

We conclude this review on energy supplements by talking about Peruvian maca, a supplement known mainly for its aphrodisiac properties but which, in reality, is also a very valid remedy against tiredness, asthenia and exhaustion. The plant, in fact, has invigorating properties on the whole organism and is therefore a valid help to give energy to the body and better overcome the periods of intense work and physical effort. In addition to this, as anticipated, maca also has useful properties on the sexual sphere, gives vigor and helps to counteract the problem of impotence. It is found in pharmacies or herbalists, generally in the form of a supplement, single or in combination with other plants.

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