Aloe Socotrina in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

Aloe Socotrina, a plant that moisturizes and cares not only for the skin, produces a homeopathic remedy useful for hemorrhoids, headache and fever. Let’s find out better.

Description of Aloe Socotrina

Aloe Socotrina is a homeopathic remedy extracted from the Aloe vera plant. It is a perennial succulent plant belonging to the Liliaceae family, a xerophytic plant, that is, able to preserve water inside and survive for a long time in arid areas.

It has been used and appreciated for centuries in various areas of the world for its different therapeutic properties. Aloe has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, detoxifying and antipruritic properties, is an effective fungicide, helps moisturize and protect the skin and finally has energizing and regenerating properties.

There are over 300 different varieties of Aloe, but only a few dozen possess to a significant extent the healing properties; the most used variety in Homeopathy is Aloe socotrina, a name that is due to the German doctor Samuel Hahnneman, founder of alternative medicine, who called the homeopathic remedy derived from the plant from the island of Socotra, in the Indian Ocean.

The medicinal drug consists of solidified juice made from the fleshy leaves of the plant. Generally the leaf is cut and put in an upright position so that its juice can drip like a gel and be collected in a container, and then dry it in the air.

But there are also other ways to extract it. The fundamental principle is aloin, contained in the leaf coating, a glucoside that has a laxative and regulatory action on the menstrual cycle.

When using Aloe Socotrina

In small doses it is a natural digestive and tonic remedy for the gastro-intestinal system. Aloe Socotrina is generally used in the following main cases:

  • hemorrhoids that come out of the opening and cause discomfort
  • frequent and urgent need to defecate, difficulty in restraining oneself, abdominal pain such as colic and painful arophagias
  • frequent need to urinate and feeling of enlargement and heaviness in the prostate, excessive increase in sexual desire
  • frequent and excessively abundant menstruation
  • migraine and headache with a feeling of heaviness, periodic and alternating with diarrhea, worsen with the heat and improve with fresh air.
  • fever
  • formation of thick, gelatinous and abundant mucus

Doses and administration

In all cases 3 granules from 1 to 3 hours, dilution 5CH. In severe cases 2 granules every 10-15 min, always dilution 5CH.

Who is Aloe Socotrina recommended for?

The subject Aloe Socotrina is a type of person who suffers from hemorrhoids, has a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and pains in the umbilical area; it cannot retain feces, whether the stool is solid or diarrheal.

He has borborigmi and suffers from aerophagia. You may have headache or lumbago that alternate with diarrhea. The desire to urinate is also frequent. The subject Aloe Socotrina is in a bad mood especially when the weather is cloudy, is dissatisfied, angry, sedentary and does not like to move because he gets tired, is intolerant to contradictions.

The remedy has also been seen to be suitable for the elderly and phlegmatic people, with a hypochondric temperament.


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