Alumina in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

Alumina is the homeopathic remedy for those with breathing difficulties, useful against dry skin and dizziness. Let’s find out more.

Description of Alumina

Alumina is a homeopathic remedy that is obtained by shredding alumina, or aluminum oxide, with lactose and subsequent dilutions and dynamizations in hydroalcoholic solution.

It has the appearance of a white crystalline powder, inert, odorless, hygroscopic, almost insoluble in water or alcohol. Alumina is produced industrially from bauxite, a mineral that has the highest concentration of alumina existing in nature.

It is a volcanic or sedimentary rock of color ranging from yellow to brown red, as the amount of iron contained in it increases. Significant amounts of alumina are also contained in pure clay, especially in white clay, where they can reach the consistency of 36% and more.

When using Alumina

Alumina is generally used in the following main cases:

  • problems of the respiratory system, such as dryness of the nose, dense secretions, or cracking. Dry mouth and pharynx, absent salivation, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness
  • problems of the gastro-intestinal system, such as gastritis, regurgitation, stomach weakness, constipation
  • problems with the urinary tract, i.e. urine emitted with difficulty
  • dry skin, without perspiration, without sweat. Thickened dermis, which gives itching and cracks
  • strabismus, due to paresis of the muscles of the eye, in children
  • hair, eyelashes body hair, falling out
  • pains in the soles of the feet when walking, pains in the spine
  • locomotor ataxia, i.e. loss of coordination of muscle movements, due to injury to the nervous system, numbness, heavy legs and arms
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • poor concentration
  • dizziness

Doses and administration

  • In cases of respiratory and urinary problems, dry skin, hair loss, dilution 4CH or 5CH, 3 granules every 3 hours until improvement.
  • In the case of disorders of the gastro-intestinal system dilution 7CH 3 granules or 5 drops 3 – 4 times a day.
  • For eye problems, pain in the feet and spine and dizziness dilution 9CH, 3 granules 3 times a day.
  • In cases of motor and joint difficulty, poor mental concentration, Alzheimer’s dilution 15CH, 3 granules per day.

Who is Alumina recommended for

The person who needs Alumina is dehydrated, slender, sad, hypochondric, apprehensive, complaining, inattentive. He is undecided, is easily frightened, has a changing mood, has a phobia of knives and blood. His sleep is disturbed and agitated.

The appetite is irregular as well as all its other functions; sometimes it has a dry cough and cools down easily. He raises and moves his arms with difficulty, his legs are numb and heavy. Hair, eyelashes, body hair fall out.

It has the feeling of a red-hot iron in the back, a tight rope around the neck, a cobweb on the face. Alumina types are women who get very tired after menstruation or tired elderly, weak people, who have dizziness, disorientation, confusion of speech, amnesia.


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