Anacardium Orientale in homeopathy (all you need to know)

Anacardium Orientale is a homeopathic remedy obtained from the cashew plant, a friend of the nervous system, useful for skin health and against gastric and intestinal spasms. Let’s find out better.

The Anacardium Orientale is part of the Anacardiaceae family, arboreal plants typical of tropical regions. This family includes several genera and numerous species, among which there are some notes and much worn, as the ‘cashewmango and pistachio.

The Eastern Anacardium is especially native to the mountainous areas of India. The resinous juice of the mesocarp contains several phenolic derivatives, cashew acid and complex flavonoids including uruscium.

It is this dried resin that is used for homeopathic preparations, more precisely the homeopathic remedy Anacardium Orientale is obtained from the mother tincture of the dried juice obtained from the fruit of the homonymous plant.

When using Anacardium Orientale

The remedy exerts its main action on the nervous systems, spasms or contractions of muscles and organs, and digestive system, but also on the skin. 
The person who takes this remedy improves with eating, is sensitive to cold, worsens at dusk until midnight and then again in the morning.

Anacardium Orientale is generally used in the following cases:

  • depression, memory loss, mental disorders, mental fatigue, anxiety , stress or senile dementia
  • brain fatigue with headaches, for students in the exam period, in cases of lack of self-confidence and memory weakness
  • psychosomatic disorders, slow and difficult digestion, heartburn, bad breath, intestinal and haemorrhoidal problems, difficulty defecating, morning sickness of pregnant women, irresistible excess hunger
  • skin irritations, blisters, burns, herpes, warts
  • gastric and intestinal spasms, painful menstruation, cough, cramps in the limbs and especially in the fingers

Dosage and administration

In all cases, if acute, 6CH dilution, 3 granules every 3 hours; if chronic, dilution 30CH, 3 granules 3 times a day.

Who is Anacardium Orientale recommended for?

The Anacardium oriental type is a confused, worried, fearful, hypochondric, demoralized, depressed, indecisive subject and is always in conflict, perceiving a sense of inferiority.

He has a split personality: he alternates blasphemies with prayers, has good and bad feelings at the same time, constantly changes mood. He has a weak memory with moments of, loses contact with reality, lives life as in a dream.

The psychic state of this person is often due to an excess of intellectual work, in study, mortifications, humiliations, fright, a state of nervous exhaustion, or even senility. Anacardium Orientale feels tired, has a headache, constantly interrupts study or work to eat. Sight, hearing, smell and taste are distorted.

He has a pale face and sunken eyes with dark circles.


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