Argentum metallicum in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

Argentum metallicum is a homeopathic remedy made from silver that acts mainly on cartilage and the central and peripheral nervous system.

Features of silver

The name silver comes from the Greek àrghyros which means shiny. It is a rare element in nature, in fact in the earth’s coast it is present only at 0.05 ppm and in its native state it is found in small quantities in surface deposits.
Inside there are the following minerals:

  • sulfide;
  • chloride;
  • double sulphides such as stromeverite, pyraryrite and proustite.

Silver is a shiny and extremely ductile and malleable metal; it is also a powerful thermal and electrical conductor.

Silver is little harder than gold and, for several centuries, has been used to mint coins and make different objects. While gold is associated with the sun, silver is associated with the moon and lunar and female deities.

Today it is used in alloy with copper, gold and zinc in goldsmithing and in the production of coins, but the greatest consumption is in the photographic and pharmaceutical industry.

Here is a little curiosity: the name Argentina comes from the Latin argentum (silver). This is due to the fact that the Spanish conquistadors discovered in Rio de la Plata huge quantities of this precious metal.

Argentum metallicum: constitutional type

The constitutional type Argentum metallicum is generally represented as a lean subject, prematurely aged, hypostinal, with a sulky air and grayish color. He walks dragging his legs, with curved shoulders, hollow chest and complains of marked sexual asthenia.

The experimentation of the remedy carried out by Hahnemann has highlighted on a psychic level:

  • hypochondria;
  • melancholy;
  • overall decrease in memory with difficulty concentrating;
  • prolonged planting for trifles;
  • state of tiredness, sadness and misery;
  • anxiety and precipitation;
  • nervous breakdowns with talkative agitation and psychic tension.

Its clinical features are:

Mental symptoms

Impairment of memory and thinking skills.

Local symptoms

  • Respiratory system: elective action on the larynx and trachea, secretion of grayish mucus, improvement in the fresh air.
  • Osteoarticular apparatus: articular cartilages are affected, deforming rheumatism that improves with movement and worsens with cold.
  • Genitourinary system: affinity for the right testicle, for the left ovary and the uterus.

Clinical indications

Neurological diseases (decay, senile depression, mental asthenia, memory deficit) neuralgia, arrhythmias, headache, laryngitis, orchitis, rheumatism.

The symptoms of the subject aggravate with sleep and cold, while they improve with heat (although unfortunately not always since some local symptoms instead of improving worsen) and with movement.

Argentum metallicum : Homeopathy remedy 

In Homeopathy the remedy Argentum metallicum is obtained after the necessary processes of dilution and dynamization of silver.
Its field of action mainly concerns cartilage and the central and peripheral nervous system. Despite this it is also widely used in the treatment of laryngitis and vaginitis as it is an effective remedy against bacteria.

It is therefore used in case of:

  • sore throat, often chronic with mucus draining into the throat;
  • pharyngitis or laryngitis;
  • inflammation of the vagienal mucosa and vaginitis;
  • arthralgia associated with joint degeneration.


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