Aroma diffuser: how does it work?

If you like the benefits of essential oils, then an aroma diffuser is what it takes to improve your well-being, at home or in the workplace.

If you like the benefits of essential oils, then an aroma diffuser is what it takes to improve your well-being, at home or in the workplace.

But how do aroma diffusers work ?

On the market you can find different types. Let’s see them together!

Types and models of speakers

All models of essential oil diffusers can be divided into four categories: atomization, evaporation, heat and ultrasound. These categories determine the type of diffusion technology the model uses, and the differences between them can be significant if you have specific nebulization needs.

Spray diffuser

The atomising speakers do not require water for their operation. Instead, they use a nebulizer to create fine particles from the essential oil, which is then diffused into the air by the device. The resulting mist is exceptionally powerful because the oil has not been watered down. While this may be the most significant feature of these models, misting diffusers have their drawbacks that make them less than ideal for certain situations.

In particular, these diffusers are typically louder than other types of diffusers, use up oil more quickly than other types of diffusers, and are more expensive in general.

Evaporative diffuser

As the name suggests, evaporative diffusers, or evaporative ventilation, work through the evaporation of essential oil. More specifically, the device uses an absorbent pad that is refilled with a few drops of essential oil and then lets it evaporate. Once this is done, the oil is then dispersed through a fan built into the device. Some models are so simple that they don’t even make use of a fan, they simply let the natural air currents of their environment carry away the essential oil particles.

In general, these speakers are the cheapest electronic variety in terms of purchase and running costs, and most models are very portable. Their relatively small coverage makes them an excellent choice for small areas, such as a desk or bathroom. Conversely, most models rely on batteries or a USB port for power.

Heat diffuser

heat diffuser is just what it appears to be: its name suggests the presence of a diffuser that uses heat to evaporate essential oils. In general, the models of this variety do not even use electricity; instead, they make use of a candle that heats an essential oil tank from below. While this makes heat diffusers a cheaper choice than other varieties, it is also true that they are not suitable for all areas where open flames are not permitted.

As regards its advantages, therefore, we can well underline that it is the cheapest variety of speakers, and that in case of lack of electricity source they can still be used. They are also easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, there is no way to control the strength or duration of the diffusion, it is not suitable for office environments or any other place where open flames are not recommended. Finally, the benefits of aromatherapy are mitigated by the scent of the candle, which mixes with that of the oil.

Ultrasonic diffuser

One of the most interesting innovations in the world of aroma diffusers is certainly represented by the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, an electronic device that produces a “mist” of aromas when water is added. It is easy to use and suitable for any lifestyle, allowing you to humidify the air and obtain a pleasant fragrance.

The operation of the ultrasonic diffuser is very simple. In fact, it is sufficient to add a type of essential oil, such as lavender, to the water tank. At that point it is possible to activate the device which, by means of ultrasonic vibration of a small silver disc, breaks down the pure essential oils into a fine fresh vapor.

The essential oil particles are released into the air and are delicately perceived by the body through the respiratory tract. There are numerous advantages related to its use: think about the possibility of purifying the air, eliminating dust and allergens, promoting the best relaxation and sleep, relieving stress, stimulating concentration and energy.

We hope this in-depth analysis was useful to you.

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