Arsenicum Album in homeopathy (all you need to know)

Arsenicum Album is a homeopathic remedy obtained from a powerful poison useful against gastritis, for the health of the respiratory and urinary system, and for the skin. Let’s find out better.

Description of the Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album is arsenic trioxide, also known as arsenic anhydride, arsenic oxide, arsenolite, white arsenic. At room temperature it appears as a colorless crystalline powder, not very soluble in water. Arsenic itself is a poison, one of the most toxic elements in existence.

Many of its compounds are also particularly potent poisons. Arsenic occurs naturally on earth in small concentrations. In the earth’s crust it assumes an average abundance and is rarely found in the pure state; in agriculture it is used as a pesticide, it cannot be destroyed, but only chemically transformed.

Humans can be exposed to arsenic through food, water and air, but also through skin contact with soil or water that contains it. Exposure to inorganic arsenic causes very serious damage to the digestive system and the nervous system, leading to dehydration and death from shock.

Repeated or prolonged contact with the skin can cause irritation and dermatitis. Substances containing arsenic also have carcinogenic effects on the lungs, liver, kidneys, bladder and prostate. The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album homeopathic remedy is obtained by diluting arsenic trioxide in an alcoholic solution, interspersed with dynamizations.

When using Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album exerts its action on the mucous membranes, the nervous system, the skin and the blood. Strengthens the muscles of the limbs and the respiratory system, acts on the skin and blood. It is a periodical, meaning its symptoms occur every 2–4–7–15 days.

The symptoms worsen during the night, between midnight and three in the morning, moments of anxiety and agitation alternate with others of depression and exhaustion; finally about four o’clock he falls asleep again. It is therefore a so-called stopwatch remedy.

The characteristic symptom of Arsenicum album is the burning sensation as from red-hot needles or hot coals, relieved by hot applications or by heat.

It is a useful remedy in chronic catarrhal diseases, in disorders due to the ingestion of spoiled foods. It is called the horse remedy as arsenic in horses, which are nervous animals always on the move and which are easily frightened, increases resistance to physical effort.
Arsenicum album is mainly used to treat:

  • the gastrointestinal system, therefore colitis, gastritis, ulcer, halitosis, canker sores, hemorrhoids and fissures. It also treats the liver and spleen, being a remedy with a strong detoxifying capacity, so it can be used in cases of food poisoning due to the ingestion of spoiled foods or in cases of poisoning from arsenic and other toxic minerals
  • the respiratory system, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cold, allergic rhinitis, cough
  • the urinary tract, problems with cystitis or the like
  • the skin, with dry, wrinkled, pale, scaly and itchy skin. It is an excellent remedy for all skin infections, as well as for boils, hives, eczema, psoriasis
  • stabbing and violent pains that can affect various parts of the body, lumbar as joint, both internal and superficial, accompanied by edema
  • cramps and numbness in the limbs, especially in the lower ones, as in alcoholics.
  • the cardiovascular system, such as angina pectoris, pericardial edema, palpitations and arrhythmias
  • blood, anemia
  • headache, cradle cap
  • eyes, conjunctivitis, inflammation, edema
  • ears, otitis with pressing pains and burning

Dosage and administration

In cases of gastrointestinal disorders, dilution 5CH, 3 granules, or 5 – 6 drops, 3 – 5 times a day.

In cases of problems with the respiratory system, urinary system, skin or cardiovascular system, blood and head, eyes and ears, dilution 4CH, 3 granules, or 5 – 6 drops, every 3 hours.

In cases of widespread pain and cramps, dilution 5CH, 3 granules, or 5 – 6 drops, every 3 hours.

Who is Arsenicum Album recommended for

The typical Arsenicum Album subject experiences anxiety, panic to the point of anguish, palpitations, agitation and prostration ; he gets tired at the slightest effort and moves continuously despite his weakness; he is afraid of being incurable and of having to die.

He has a cadaveric complexion, a pale and swollen face (especially in the morning), and swollen and circled eyes.

Its secretions and excretions smell of putrid, are scarce, acrid, produce abrasions. He has hypersensitivity in all senses and cannot bear to be touched. 

He is sad, he fears loneliness; diffident and suspicious, he is meticulous to the point of fussiness. He is cold, he covers himself heavily, however he needs fresh air. He is grouchy.


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