Australian Floral Essences : affirmations, uses, preparation

The Bush Flower Essences were created by Ian White, an Australian naturalist naturopath, who identified 69, useful for solving  today’s problems and inconveniences. Let’s find out better.

Ian White and the Bush Flower Essences

The 69 individual remedies of the repertoire of Australian ‘bush’ flower essences, each with its own peculiar specificity of action, have been developed by dr. Ian White with particular reference to the problems and discomforts of today, a time in which we all now know what the deep connection is between psycho-emotional discomfort and health.

An interesting feature of this line of flower remedies are its chromatic values, correlated with different fields of action: for example, there are many yellow flowers, a color linked to memory, understanding and communication, red for strength, vitality and courage. , and purple, correlated to the spiritual aspect, to the intuition and to the growth of the “subtle part” of the human being: a dimension to which perhaps until now all due attention had not been given.

Australian flowers, as well as all flower therapy in general, are a useful and important resource for all therapists, appreciated and used by naturopaths, herbalists, psychotherapists and increasingly also by doctors who show interest in flower therapy which they recognize and understand. the validity.

Today we are increasingly rediscovering the importance of the emotional aspect, in a holistic vision of the person, of well-being and health. In the logic of integrated medicine, doctors and health professionals try to broaden their wealth of knowledge and therapeutic solutions as much as possible, to be integrated with each other to develop the best strategy aimed at the well-being of the individual. Flower therapy is therefore a useful integration as a “soil” remedy that helps to promote a state of balance and harmony and therefore psychophysical well-being. 

Ian White defines Australian essences as ‘ powerful catalysts to help people heal themselves ‘. One of the functions of the essences is to promote emotional, spiritual and mental harmony, according to the ancient wisdom that by restoring the emotional balance we return to feel good.

All remedies are widely used in the family, professional and hospital settings (in Europe and South America); rapid action is also recognized on a physical level, as well as on the emotional and spiritual level, as a support in the elaboration and solution of our problems and imbalances, freeing our innate qualities. The Australian Bush Flowers help to clarify the life of each of us, and give the strength, the courage and the will to follow and realize their goals and dreams, promote intuitive development, self-esteem, spirituality and creativity. 

The current repertoire of bush essences includes 69 individual essences, ready-to-use compounds related to different emotional themes in different formulations, the series of White Light and Light Frequency essences, up to the recent natural cosmetic line Love System.

The affirmations

As with other repertoires of flower essences, White also proposes the use of affirmations to be associated with the use of essences. They are simple positive statements that can be useful for enhancing the action of the essences.

The most effective method of using them is writing, but they can be pronounced, recorded and listened to, or used in the way that is considered most practical and effective. They can be used at any time and anywhere, as long as we give them all our attention, especially if we use them when we take on the corresponding essence. You can choose between those proposals or create your own, formulating them in the present time (I now …) and in the sense of becoming (now I am becoming …). 

How the Bush Flower Essences are prepared

Australian remedies are prepared with the solarization method, as for other repertoires, by exposing the flower corollas in a glass bowl filled with spring water for 2-4 hours in the sun. Remove the corollas with a sprig or a leaf, the water is filtered and diluted with an equal amount of brandy for storage. For some remedies, exposure to the Moon also follows to capture the Feminine energy.

To prepare the personal bottle, put 7 drops of each ‘concentrate’ chosen (stock bottle), in a 30 ml bottle with 1 part of brandy and 2 of pure water, or in the appropriate solution ready on the market.

The Australian Bush Flowers line is the first to have introduced Combined Essences, Creams and Sprays, whose names identify and identify the problems they deal with. 

Usage and applications

The standard recommended dosage is 7 drops to be taken orally in the morning, upon waking and in the evening, before bed. The dosage can be adapted to personal needs. It is possible to prepare a single particularly targeted remedy, or to mix various remedies together, even from different repertoires, according to the therapist’s experience. It is advisable not to exceed 4 or 5 essences by choosing from those with affinity and synergies to a specific problem. 

Local skin application can be done for example with creams, packs, massage oils, diluting the essences in the bath water; 7 drops of each chosen remedy, for skin application, or about 20 drops for bath essence. For creams, use a few drops so as not to make the preparation too liquid: it is necessary to evaluate based on the quantity of cream and the number of remedies chosen. 

For spray preparations, a couple of sprays correspond to 7 drops.

Australian Flower Essence

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