Bad breath: Simple natural remedies to eliminate it

To avoid the problem of bad breath, it is important to drink plenty of water, which reduces the proliferation of the bacteria that cause it. You should also avoid eating red meats and frequent oral rinses

Many people suffer, or have suffered at least once, from halitosis , also known as bad breath – a problem that usually occurs in the morning, when bacteria have accumulated in the mouth during the night.

As a rule, the problem is solved with a good brushing of the teeth and tongue.

However, sometimes the problem is more serious and must be treated with due consideration.

Halitosis or bad breath

Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is usually caused by the lack of proper and adequate oral hygiene : when bacteria accumulate in our mouth, they begin to release sulfur, which is responsible for the bad smell of our breath.

There are foods and substances more likely than others to favor the proliferation of bacteria and, consequently, to generate bad breath. Among these the most common are: garlic croutons, coffee and tobacco .

If our halitosis problem is excessive, it will be advisable to consult our doctor.

It is also important to establish what kind of smell our breath has: in fact, depending on the smell, it can indicate different causes:

  • the smell is similar to that of vomit or feces, we could be faced with an intestinal blockage problem
  • if the smell of the breath is slightly fruity, it may be due to an excess of acetone
  • if it smells like ammonia or fish, it could be a kidney disorder.

Bad breath can be caused by a dental abscess , alcohol consumption , tooth decay, the use of certain dental prostheses, certain foods (such as garlic, onion, cabbage, coffee and similar drinks), a gingivitis, smoking, etc …

Natural remedies for halitosis

  • Use a parsley tea to rinse. By boiling two cups of water with parsley and cloves, our homemade mouthwash will be ready in no time.
  • Drinking peppermint tea: in addition to fighting bad odors, it is also very digestive.
  • Chew cloves, star anise or cinnamon after meals.
  • Prepare some  mint or eucalyptus infusions , to drink after meals.
  • Brush your teeth with baking soda.
  • Eat  a fasting peach in the morning.
  • Blend a quarter of a mango with the juice of half a lemon, a sprig of mint and half a cup of water and drink this smoothie for a month.
  • Drink black tea.
  • Brush your teeth and floss at least twice a day.
  • Take Vitamin C.
  • Blend a quarter of fennel with a glass of mango juice, a handful of parsley and a glass of papaya and drink this smoothie several times a day, until the bad breath disappears.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid eating red meat as much as possible .
  • Use mouthwashes, dental sprays, or chew gums designed for bad breath.
  • Do not use mouthwashes or oral hygiene products that contain alcohol.
  • Eat a green apple, chewing it carefully and slowly.
  • Chew a few coffee beans.

The swarms

Against bad breath you can of course also rinse with water and apple cider vinegar, mixed in equal parts.

In this case, remember that the liquid, for it to take effect, must remain in the mouth at least thirty seconds, during which we will have to move it vigorously, so as to make it penetrate into every corner of the mouth, even the most hidden.

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