Basil Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Basil essential oil : properties, natural remedies, uses and do it yourself. What is it for and all the information on production and uses.

The essential oil of basil is extracted from the botanical species Ocimum basilicum. The chemical profile of this essential oil varies a lot according to the starting variety, however, in the commercial field no differences are specified on the label so it is difficult to talk about the chemical composition in terms of quantities and percentages of the compounds.

Basil essential oil: properties and benefits

It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used in aromatherapy to help concentration and for its revitalizing properties.

In daily practice, it is advisable to spread the essential oil of basil in the study, library, office or in those environments where concentration and attention are essential.

Massage ointment

Diluted in carrier oil for the preparation of ointments, it can be very useful for relieving muscle cramps and pains caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Thanks to its properties, it can be used to soothe the burning and itching caused by insect bites, even in this case it cannot be used pure but diluted in vegetable oils.

The typical smell of basil is dictated by the eugenol compound, the same chemical substance contained in clove essential oil.

By diluting 10 drops of basil essential oil in a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, you can obtain an excellent ointment to counteract muscle pain, spasms, rheumatism and menstrual pain.

Expectorant properties

The essential oil of basil contains the very popular compound 1,8-cineole, this molecule has been shown to be effective in the control of the hypersecretion of mucus in the airways (this is why in medicine it is used in the formulation of sedative drugs for cough and colds) and in the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis. To take advantage of the decongestant properties and use the essential oil of basil as a natural remedy for phlegm and cold, it can be inhaled.

Basil oil for internal use

The essential oil of basil can also be used for internal use, as a rebalancing of the intestinal bacterial flora. Two drops of this oil, diluted in a tablespoon of honey, can protect the intestinal flora from infectious attacks, yeast, fungal diseases and Gram negative enterobacteria.

Benefits for hair and skin

If all of these uses aren’t enough, know that this oil can be used for skin and hair care. For the health of the hair and scalp, you can add a few drops of this essential oil to the shampoo and then rub it into the scalp with a careful massage.

It stimulates local microcirculation by providing more nutrients to the hair and scalp. For hair health, rather than diluting this essential oil in shampoo, we recommend diluting it in jojoba oil which increases its absorption at the scalp level, helping to counteract dry skin and nourish the hair.

Also for its stimulating properties, it can be used, in combination with mandarin essential oil and jasmine essential oil, to counteract water retention and remedy cellulite.

Basil essential oil: how to prepare it

How to make basil essential oil? Those who want to focus on DIY must have a lot of patience. Large quantities of raw material are required to produce a 100ml bottle of pure concentrated oil.

The preparation of the do-it-yourself basil essential oil is intended only for those who have a fairly extensive cultivation. Like many essential oils, basil is also obtained by steam distillation. To implement this technique in the home, you should purchase a professional distiller or modify a pressure cooker. Instructions on  how to prepare homemade basil essential oil can be found on the page: Steam distillation.

Where to buy Basil essential oil

The essential oil of basil is produced with good yields, and is marketed in prices very affordable. Despite the low prices, it is not easy to find it in classic herbalists, where there is no lack of essential oil of mint or lavender, the most common!

Please note: to avoid any contraindications, it is necessary to use the essential oil of basil only diluted in another vegetable oil. Like all essential oils, basil can be very irritating if used pure on the skin. Take care to dilute a few drops in a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil or plain olive oil.

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