Best Australian Living Essences Kits

The Australian Living Floral Essences contain, in addition to the compound formulas, sprays, creams, some kits useful in case of physical pain and stress, to pursue a path of personal and spiritual growth, and a professional kit with all 88 flower essences. Let’s find out better. 

What are Living Floral Essences

Living Flower Essences are used for the treatment of pain and arthritis. The Living Essences are applied to auriculotherapy points, according to the techniques of florotherapeutic acupressure.

Acu-Kit for physical pain and stress

Acu-Kit for physical pain and stress, containing 14 essences for physical pain and stress. This kit is used for application on acupoints.

  • For the pain – Dampiera, Menzies Banksia, Purple Flag Flower, Macrozamia
  • For Stress – Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid / Cowslip Orchid, Pink Fairy Orchid, Yellow Flag, Purple Flag
  • For Life Energy – Cowkicks, Pink Fountain Triggerplant, Purple Enamel Orchid, Reed Triggerplant
  • For worries (stress) – Brown Boronia
  • For centering – Leafless Orchid, WA Smokebush
  • For negative emotions – Black Kangaroo Paw
  • For nausea – Rose Coneflower

Light Speed ​​Kit for Personal Growth

Kit Light Speed ​​- Living Spirituality Essences, contains 14 flower essences to help in the path of personal and spiritual growth: White Spider Orchid, Blue China Orchid, Goddess Grasstree, Purple Nymph Waterlily, Rabbit Orchid, Red Leschenaultia, Shy Blue Orchid, Ursinia, White Nymph Waterlily (liani), Woolly Banksia. 

For those who wish to heal from emotional traumas and physical discomforts that have roots in the mind (psychosomatic), for those who want to cut the patterns that limit personal development and serenity, favor changes and inner transformation.  

For those who are consciously on a path of personal growth. This selection of essences has particular relevance because it deals with the most common obstacles that researchers encounter in the path of personal spiritual evolution.  

Use: put 2 to 7 drops in a 15 ml bottle of water and brandy for storage, from which 4 sublingual drops are taken, 4 times a day. The duration of treatment varies from person to person, but an initial period of 6 weeks is recommended. They can also be taken in a glass of water. 

Living Australia Floral Essence Kit

The Living Australia Floral Essence Kit is a professional kit containing all 88 flower essences. 

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