Birch mother tincture: preparation, properties, benefits and use

The mother tincture of birch,extracted from the leaves of Betula pendula,has a diuretic action useful in case of cellulite and against water retention. Let’s find out more.

Properties of birch mother tincture

The leaves of Betula pendula (or Betula alba var. verrucosa) contain flavonoids, sesquitepene oxides,tannins (leukoanthocyanidins), vitamin,betulinic acid, chlorogenic and caffeic, resins and essential oils.

Birch mother tincture is used in phytotherapy for diuretic and depurative properties . In fact, favoring diuresis facilitates the elimination of water and excess substances, accumulated in the body, such as cholesterol and uric acids.

For internal use the hydroalcoholic extract is used in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, hypercholesterolemia,hypertension, water retention, albuminuria and kidney stones. The diuretic effect also acts in a preventive manner with respect to the formation of renella and becomes a sort of antiseptic “washing” in urinary tract diseases.

The birch mother tincture is also one of the elective remedies in the treatment of cellulite, as it helps the elimination and disappearance of fibroconnective nodules, characteristic of this skin imperfection.

Description of the plant

The birch is native to Europe and northern Asia, in Italy it is more frequent in the Alps where it sometimes forms pure forests. Tree that can reach 25 meters in height which is however characterized by a short life (about 80 years), has a sparse and light foliage, expanded vertically, with the terminal branches falling.

The trunk is slender, if it is not too old, it has a white and thin rind. The bark is white with transverse “warts” characteristics resembling splits. The leaves are deciduous, triangular, petiolate, notched on the margin, light green above and below.

The male flowers are gathered in sessile, pendulous catkins; the female ones are collected in short and erect ears. The fruits are cylindrical infructescences that when ripe release small samaras provided with a membranous wing.

How to prepare birch mother tincture

The“drug”(used part) corresponds to the leaves,harvested early summer. The fresh plant is used, as it is dry and loses most of its properties.

Birch mother tincture is prepared with drug weight ratio: solvent of 1:10 and alcohol content of 65%.


The mother tinctures have no contraindications except those of the plant itself, diluted in a little water can be given to everyone, the alcohol contained in them is thus diluted, so it is harmless. In case of taking diuretic drugs the use of birch is contraindicated, for the risk of enhancing the effect of the drug.

Internal use: 50 drops in a little water three times a day between meals.

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