Black Alder: a natural anti-inflammatory, also useful as a tonic

Black alder is a health plant that possesses some interesting healing properties. Let’s find out its health benefits together, especially as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Black alder what is it?

The black alder (Alnus glutinosa) is an arboreal plant, also known by us as alno, onetta and avornu, depending on the region.

It grows mainly in wooded areas with high humidity and is found for example in Italy in the pre-Alpine area up to 1200 meters above sea level. It has a wood that is widely used to produce objects such as the classic Finnish sauna buckets.

Black alder what is it for

The therapeutic properties of alder have been known since the Middle Ages, when the leaves were used to heal ulcers.

Furthermore, since ancient times, the alder was known for its ability to lower fever, which is why it is still called today also as ‘china nostrana’.

Nowadays, it is mostly known as a natural anti-inflammatory. In addition, its virtues as a natural tonic, useful for blood circulation, should also be remembered.

Healing properties of black alder and origins

This arboreal plant is characterized by the presence of substances such as tannins, lipids and pigments: in particular if it is taken as an infusion obtained from its leaves, the leaves of this plant are able to eliminate from the body those waste responsible for fatigue, fever, pain and general inflammatory states.

Black alder is known for its  anti-inflammatory, astringent and diuretic properties; it also has a stimulating action on the brain and myocardial circulation. For this reason it is indicated to enhance memory and concentration.

Thanks to its properties, it is also useful for fighting colds, gingivitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

The heated black alder leaves are also often used as a remedy to counteract the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

Black alder contraindications

There are no particular contraindications on the intake of alder, although it is advisable to be careful during pregnancy and lactation, as in general for all health plants always and in any case.

Uses of black alder

We offer you a herbal tea that uses the leaves of this plant. Very easy to prepare and useful for fighting fever.

Herbal tea recipe based on black alder leaves

Black alder herbal tea can be used as a valid remedy for its febrifugal action: you can boil 30 grams of alder leaves in a liter of water, then let it cool and filter.

Several doses can be taken per day until the febrile symptoms disappear.

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