Black molasses for Herbal Naturopathy: properties, benefits, uses, side effects

Much more than an alternative sweetener, black molasses resembles a dark honey and can do a lot for our body: it is no coincidence – for its properties – that it can be considered a real natural supplement.

Black molasses is a kind of dark honey that is made from sugar cane, a completely vegetable preparation, whose color is due to the processing of the liquid obtained, which is heated to crystallize the sugar, from which it is then separated by centrifugation.

Black molasses is widespread in countries such as Thailand, Brazil, the USA, the Caribbean countries, the Philippines, it is making its way for its beneficial properties and is considered more valuable than the white one, since it is obtained from the second processing of sugar.

It is used as a sweetener, an alternative to sugar, maple syrup or stevia, although its very characteristic taste a little bitter resembles that of licorice and can influence the final taste of recipes.

Black molasses: properties

Black molasses is a real supplement, source of carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, vitamins. Specifically, it contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, calcium, chromium and iron, the latter in a
very interesting concentration of energy value, 11 mg in 100 g.

In this food there are B vitamins, pantothenic acid and inositol and vitamin PP.

Plant-based in nature, black molasses is ideal for supplementing the vegetarian and vegan diet and for compensating for the protein load.

Thanks to this richness it has multiple properties:
energizing: black molasses is a contributor of carbohydrates and mineral salts that infuse energy to the whole body. Useful in times when it is necessary to supplement the diet to support the expenditure of energy, such as in pregnancy, after a period of illness, in summer with the scorching heat.

antioxidant: molasses is rich in antioxidant principles, thanks to its polyphenols for the well-being of the whole body, for cell renewal, to counteract oxidative stress, thanks also to the great
contribution of mineral salts.

immunomodulating: molasses modulates the immune response, as it is rich in manganese. Useful in case of seasonal allergies, it helps to control the histamine response. It can be taken in advance, so as to allow the body to assimilate manganese in physiological times and prepare the correct responses to spring allergens.

detoxifying: molasses helps to cleanse the body of slags and toxins. It softens the stool and mobilizes intestinal transit, thanks to the presence of magnesium.

It stimulates diuresis and counteracts water retention thanks to the presence of high doses of potassium, between 1900 mg and 3000mg in 100 g of molasses.

mineralizing: stimulates bone density thanks to the presence of calcium, remineralizes the teeth, elasticizes muscles and tendons thanks to the contribution of mineral salts.

relaxing: the high content of magnesium helps to relax both muscle and central nervous system, facilitates good rest, counteracts excess fatigue, and forms of stress, thanks also to the presence of vitamin B6.

anti-inflammatory: black molasses exerts an anti-inflammatory action, reduces excess acids, with alkalizing action on the body, counteracts migraine, the onset of joint pain, rheumatism, and the formation of edema.

Black molasses: benefits

Taking molasses periodically can be a good habit to improve the functionality of your body.

The benefits that come from 2 tablespoons of molasses diluted in a cup of hot water are manifold:

In case of anemia, it is an excellent contributor of iron and folic acid, counteracts fatigue and helps support hemoglobin values.

In case of constipation, black molasses taken in hot water as an infusion helps to stimulate intestinal function and rid of toxins.

> In case of high blood sugar, or a diet too full of carbohydrates, molasses, thanks to the presence of chromium, helps the metabolism of sugars, helps in the prevention of diabetes.

In case of dysmenorrhea, strong menstrual pain due to muscle tension and uterine spasms, molasses exerts a spasmolytic action, relaxes the muscles and contractions.

In case of initial graying, copper-rich molasses promotes the natural pigmentation of the hair, strengthens it and promotes its shine.

In case of fatigue in pregnancy: it is an energy carrier that has no contraindications.

Nutritional values of black molasses

Black molasses is a real natural food with interesting nutritional values.

In 100 g of Molasses are counted:
> Energy value 288 Kcal
> Proteins 2.1 g
> Carbohydrates 69.4 g
> Potassium 1,900-3,300 mg
> Magnesium 200-400 mg
> Iron 15-28 mg
> Calcium 800-1400 mg
> Phosphorus 30-50 mg
> Copper 0.5-1.5 mg

Curiosity about black molasses

Molasses is generally considered by the industry to be a waste product from sugar processing, yet it possesses much more beneficial properties than the main product from which it is discarded and this is referred to as the paradox of molasses!

Black molasses is used in the production of Rum and as an additive in food.

Molasses obtained from sugar beet, on the other hand, considered to be of inferior quality, is widely used in the production of feed.

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