Calcium Phosphoricum in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is Calcium Phosphoricum?

Based on its occurrence in the human skeleton, calcium phosphate is used homeopathically for bone and tooth problems, for fractures that heal slowly and for growth delays. The patients show neuralgic or rheumatic complaints; the associated pain is often described as “punctiform”.

Other areas of application are indigestion and physical weakness after recovering from an illness.

Leading symptoms

  • Tall youths
  • school headache
  • concentration problems
  • susceptibility to infection
  • Enlarged tonsils
  • growing pains
  • Numbness and tingling in parts of the body
  • Reacts sensitively to weather changes

Information about the agent

How do you recognize patients who need calcium phosphoricum?

Calcium phosphoricum adults are tall and lean. Despite their pronounced ambition, they quickly show signs of exhaustion and lack of concentration. Inner restlessness and fluctuations regarding one’s own desires make them constantly look for new challenges and contacts; however, they quickly become bored and dissatisfied.

Calcium phosphoricum children have good appetites, late fontanel closure, delayed teething, deformed bones, and slow growth. During puberty, there is often a veritable increase in length and increased sexual desire.


Calcium phosphoricum is indicated for all typical symptoms that improve or worsen through the following modalities:


  • in summer
  • smooth movement
  • warm dry weather


  • with a change in weather
  • damp cold weather
  • At night
  • Quiet

What are typical areas of application for Calcium phosphoricum?

  • diarrhea
  • dental problems
  • headache
  • rheumatic complaints
  • loss of appetite and emaciation

Areas of application in detail

Movement disorders

Great restlessness of the legs. Growing pains in the legs in tall and slender children.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


for chronic diarrhea in connection with foul-smelling flatulence and states of exhaustion. After cold drinks or fruit juices with a greenish color. diarrhea during teething.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6 

Bone injuries

if the bone fracture heals very slowly or if the bone does not grow together well. Calcium phosphoricum supports callus formation after bone fractures.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Headache migraine

Headaches in children and adolescents triggered by stress at school. Complaints improve when the child eats.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps in young girls with back pain and a tendency to breakouts.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Nails, disorder of

with thin, very slowly growing nails. Suitable for slim, pale patients.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


in lively, sensitive, thin children

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Vagienal discharge

Milky and itchy discharge before menses in young girls.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Application information

Dosage forms of calcium phosphoricum

The usual potencies for calcium phosphate are between 6X and 12X; when applied to headaches or slowly healing bone fractures also below or above.

Calcium phosphoricum dosage

The remedy is usually administered in the potencies D6, D12 or D30. You give three doses of five globules daily, with the exception of the D30 potency. This is taken once a day, preferably in the morning. Babies absorb the drug through breast milk or receive three globules D12 once a day. If you have trouble falling asleep, a single dose of D12 is given immediately before you go to sleep. To strengthen the bone structure in babies and small children, three globules D30 are given daily.

Calcium phosphoricum effect

Calcium phosphoricum acts on the musculoskeletal system, the digestive organs, the skin and the teeth.

Calcium phosphoricum during pregnancy

Calcium phosphoricum is administered during pregnancy to strengthen the general physical constitution. It is indicated when the pregnant woman complains of weakness, heavy limbs and discomfort along the spine. The remedy also helps with breastfeeding problems that manifest themselves in tender, burning breasts and sore nipples. Calcium phosphoricum is given when the infant refuses breast milk because it seems too watery and tastes slightly salty.

Calcium phosphoricum for the baby

The homeopathic Calcium phosphoricum is given to babies who learn to hold their heads late. Teething also occurs late and is accompanied by diarrhea. The teeth are carious early on. Babies moan and sweat profusely on their heads when they sleep. They often refuse breast milk, get stomach pains while drinking and therefore remain very thin. The delicate stature is particularly evident through rapid growth in size. The babies seem restless and dissatisfied.

Calcium phosphoricum for dogs, horses and cats

Calcium phosphoricum is often used in young animals. The animals are lean, nervous, hectic and tall. The remedy is given for exhaustion after debilitating illnesses and frequent administration of antibiotics. The animals show a particular susceptibility to colds in the cold, drafts and weather changes. A runny nose occurs in the fresh, cool air and the nose is blocked in warm rooms.

Calcium phosphoricum side effects

There are no known side effects or contraindications for Calcium phosphoricum. If children receive the drug permanently, a one-week break should be taken after two weeks.

Similar means


In the case of diarrhea during teething, Chamomilla and Calcium phosphoricum have a similar effect. Chamomilla is indicated when the child is noticeably grumpy and nervous. Carrying around relieves the Chamomilla child’s discomfort.

Phosphoric acid

In the case of school headaches, calcium phosphoricum and acidum phosphoricum are similar in the drug picture. Typical of Acidum phosphoricum is indifference to everything.

Typical potencies: Calcium phosphoricum is often used in the potencies 6X, 12X, 30C and 200C.

fabric type: mineral salt


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