Camphor Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Camphor essential oil: properties, benefits, uses, where to buy it and all useful information.

This essential oil is widely used for skin care, particularly suitable for those with oily skin and prone to acne and inflammation. Ointments based on camphor oil provide relief in case of muscle and joint pain. Vaporized in a home environment it can keep insects away while if inhaled through fumigations it can relieve cough and sore throat. It is known for its antiseptic properties and, to combat inflammation of the respiratory tract, it combines well with the essential oil of thyme and eucalyptus.

Ravintsara essential oil and camphor oil

It is extracted from the Ciannamomum camphora plant which, if grown in particular locations around the globe, can give life to a rather peculiar essential oil. We are talking about Ravintsara essential oil.

Ravintsara essential oil is the essential oil extracted exclusively from the Ciannamomum camphora species grown on the island of Madagascar, for this reason it is very rare to find and also very expensive. It would seem that the camphor cultivated in Madagascar, thanks to the peculiar climatic conditions and the characteristics of the soil, contains high quantities of the active principle known as cineole. Cineole is the basic ingredient of various mouthwashes and cough syrups, it has strong balsamic and anti-inflammatory properties, so much so that it is considered an authentic panacea for treating various ailments and flu states.

Camphor essential oil, properties and benefits

An ointment prepared by combining 3 ml of camphor essential oil with 10 ml of sweet almond oil can be very useful for treating sprains, pains and muscle strains. For those who do sports, camphor oil can be an effective anti-fatigue, also in this case you can use sweet almond oil as a carrier but this time you will only need 4 ml of camphor essential oil for every 10 ml of oil. almond employed.

If massaged on the legs it has benefits on blood circulation, it can be useful for treating swelling, lymphatic stagnation, edema, restless legs syndrome, circulatory disorders and venous problems.

Thanks to the active ingredient 1,8-cineole it is very useful for fighting colds: it has a strong decongestant and mucolytic action. This essence is perfect for treating oily cough (for dry cough it is recommended to use it in combination with thyme essential oil), sinusitis and colds.

To perfume the house it can be combined with essences of sweet woods (essential oil of cedar) or other sweet notes such as that of chamomile essential oil. Camphor has a sharp, pungent scent.

Its essential oil is produced with the steam distillation technique. It is extracted from the bark. Its smell has repellent properties and is able to ward off insects such as moths, gnats and flies. It can be used as a natural moth to protect wood from moths and, at the same time, to perfume cabinets and drawers.

Camphor is absorbed quickly through the skin but like any essential oil it must be used in dilution. Diluted in another vegetable oil in concentrations from 2 to 3%, it produces a cooling sensation similar to that of menthol and performs a local anesthetic action, useful for those who go to gyms and swimming pools. The active ingredients contained in camphor oil are used industrially to create anti-fatigue gels and refreshing creams.

Camphor essential oil, where to buy it

You can buy camphor essential oil in the most well-stocked health food stores or through online purchases. For the sake of completeness, we recommend a product with an excellent quality / price ratio, it is a 10 ml bottle of 100% pure camphor essential oil from Naissance, offered on Amazon at a cost of $ 7 USD with free shipping. The manufacturer is British and is popular for using only natural raw materials.

Regardless of where you will buy camphor oil and its price, make sure you choose a 100% pure and unadulterated product. In aromatherapy, the effectiveness of a treatment depends entirely on the quality of the product used.

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