Chicory “coffee”: properties, benefits, recipe

Its name sounds curious and the truth is that the first time you decide to try it, you do so with a bit of reluctance. Clearly, chicory coffee isn’t really coffee; however, its bitter taste and appearance make it one of the best substitutes for those who, for health reasons or simply want to, must reduce their coffee consumption or abandon it altogether.

If you’re wondering if chicory coffee is for you, read on. We will tell you exactly what it is, what its main properties are, what it tastes like and how to prepare it at home. Take note!

What is chicory coffee?

The truth is that chicory coffee is not a new invention, rather it has been drunk by thousands of people in the past. However, it is an infusion that, for some reason, fell into oblivion and recently reappeared thanks to the healthy movement that has invaded social networks and the media.

Chicory is a plant of the endive family that has been cultivated in the Mediterranean area for centuries. In fact, its leaves are bought at any greengrocer or supermarket to prepare salads. But beware! Chicory coffee is not prepared with the leaves but with the root.

The bulb of the plant is collected and thoroughly washed to remove any traces of soil that may have remained in its crevices. It is then cut into thin slices that are dehydrated using hot air.

Once as much water as possible has been removed, the chicory slices are roasted in ovens. They are allowed to cool and proceed to grinding. Thus, finally, a fine grain of dark color is obtained or, in other cases, a fine powder, perfect for diluting in water. It’s all about chicory coffee!

Health properties of chicory coffee

The main benefit of drinking chicory coffee is to reduce or eliminate caffeine consumption, since chicory does not have caffeine among its components. So now you know: if you drink too much caffeine and are suffering from its side effects, such as nervousness or insomnia, do not hesitate to try this infusion.

Let us now see other health properties of chicory coffee:

Provides nutrients to the body

Chicory root contains different very interesting nutrients for the body, such as protein and fiber, minerals such as potassium, manganese and phosphorus, and vitamin B6.

Take care of gut health

Chicory root is loaded with a substance called inulin. Different studies have indicated that it favors the proliferation of beneficial bacteria for the organism. In this way, chicory coffee would help maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota.

Contributes to good digestion

Inulin, on the other hand, whets your appetite, a very interesting effect if you have trouble eating food because you never feel hungry. But that’s not all, this compound also contributes to good digestion.

Do not hesitate and drink a cup of chicory coffee before meals to whet your appetite or after meals to avoid heavy digestion.

combat constipation

Do you have trouble going to the bathroom regularly ? Well, drinking chicory coffee can help you solve this annoying inconvenience.

A clinical trial found that older people with constipation improved their condition markedly after starting to consume chicory coffee on a regular basis.

would lower blood sugar

Chicory coffee, thanks to its inulin content, would serve to reduce blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for transporting sugar from the blood to the tissues and muscles, where it is used as fuel for your functioning. Some people suffer from insulin resistance; that is, this hormone does not work efficiently and, for that reason, blood sugar levels increase.

Researchers found that inulin can reduce insulin resistance in patients with prediabetes. However, more studies would be necessary to prove this property of chicory coffee.

Has anti-inflammatory effect

Do you usually suffer from headaches or muscle aches? Chicory coffee can help eliminate them thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect that scientific research has determined.

How to prepare chicory coffee at home and what it tastes like

Chicory coffee has a roasted and bitter taste reminiscent of real coffee. However, it is clearly different. Of course, you can drink it with or without sugar and with or without milk.


  • 1 coffee spoon of chicory    
  • 1 cup of water


  1. Boil the water.
  2. Infuse the powdered chicory coffee for 10 minutes.
  3. Strain and drink.

In the case of using dust, you do not need to strain, unless the texture bothers you.


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