Children, sports and homeopathy

Practicing sports is good for the body and mind of young athletes

Practicing a sporting activity from childhood brings numerous benefits to the health and development of the child, helping to promote balanced growth, and benefits both from a physical and psychological point of view. If practiced correctly, taking into account the physical constitution and personality of the child, sport can play a central role in the life of the little ones. Consider, for example, that through sports activities the child can learn to relate to his peers and cultivate important values ​​such as friendship, teamwork, trust and respect for himself and for others. Movement is also necessary to combat a sedentary lifestyle and to prevent some of the diseases that can occur in adulthood, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Homeopathic medicines for small ailments related to sports

In this period, with the beginning of summer and the closure of schools, children return to play in the open air and to devote themselves to the sporting activities typical of this season. Of course as parents, you need to be prepared for the fact that this also means taking into account minor trauma, edema and bruising. In all these cases, homeopathic medicines represent a valid help. All this with the advantage that homeopaths do not have chemical toxicity, contraindications and drug interactions and undesirable effects related to the amount of product taken, which is why they are also ideal for younger children.

For most of the ailments related to the sport of children, Arnica montana (known since ancient times as the “queen of trauma”) is, at various homeopathic dilutions, an excellent solution to improve the condition of traumas, bruises, edema and hematomas, cramps. Arnica calms pain , prevents bruising , has a fast action and can be administered several times a day.

If during sports activities, the child gets hurt, falls, causing edema, bruises, trauma, my advice to mothers is to carry a gel based on Boiron montana arnica in 4% mother tincture, which it allows to quickly relieve pain, prevents the formation of hematomas, accelerating their reabsorption. You can apply a thin layer on the affected area, 2-3 times a day, as needed, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

What about growing pains?

Homeopathy can also help when growing pains occur. In this phase, the tension at the level of the osteoarticular structures can manifest itself with pain especially in the areas most stressed by sports, such as the knees or the spine. If this situation arises, the association of Calcarea fluorica and Calcarea phosphorica is particularly effective. Specifically Calcarea fluorica 7 CH , 5 granules 2 times a day, for two months and at the same time Calcarea phoshorica 7 CH, 5 granules 2 times a day, always for two months. After this period, the medication intake will be reduced to a single dose per day for a few months. Repeat the intake of these medicines cyclically in relation to the phases of increasing height.


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