Cicuta Virosa in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is Cicuta virosa?

Cicuta virosa is used in homeopathy for diseases of the central nervous system, the heart and the skin. It is enough for convulsive states and spasms such as hiccups, muscle cramps in the face and limbs, as well as for epileptic seizures, as well as for oppression of the heart and purulent skin rashes. Cicuta virosa is given when a foreign body is swallowed to make it easier to remove it from the esophagus.

Leading symptoms

  • hiccup
  • Muscle spasms caused by disorders of the central nervous system with twisting of the extremities and the entire body
  • mistrust
  • Weeping eczema with yellow, hard crusts

Information about the agent

How do you recognize patients who need Cicuta virosa?

Important symptoms for the need for Cicuta virosa are visual disturbances, which lead to double vision. The eyes twitch restlessly back and forth, when reading, the letters blur, have an aura of light. Often everything appears black. Switching from close-up to long-distance vision or vice versa is made more difficult. One suffers from extremely dry mucous membranes and constant thirst, demands chalk and charcoal. You have shortness of breath, are prone to diarrhea, abdominal cramps and distension, excessive urination, flatulence and severe hiccups.

You feel rigid and restricted. Stumbling walking, as if legs would buckle at next step. Women suffer from shooting menstrual pain, men from stitches in the urethra with spontaneous leakage of urine. The main symptom is still a burning, purulent, pustular rash all over the body. The symptoms can be triggered by head injuries, brain diseases (meningitis, encephalitis), worm infections and teething problems.

Cicuta virosa adults are alien to the present and lose themselves in childhood experiences and fantasies. They behave very conspicuously in gestures and facial expressions, twisting their arms and hands and stretching their heads backwards. Her entire behavior seems childish and retarded. You are melancholic, in a bad mood and depressed, so you avoid social contacts.

Cicuta virosa children are often very immature. You also feel small yourself. Their games and their interests do not match those of their age, but are much more childlike. The children cannot hear exciting stories or watch movies as they are very easily impressed and scared. They are often in a bad mood, dissatisfied, pessimistic and prefer to be alone.


Cicuta virosa is indicated for all typical symptoms that improve or worsen with the following modalities:


  • eat
  • discharge of flatulence


  • tobacco smoke
  • Loud noises
  • contact
  • vibration
  • Cold or drafty air
  • Glare

What are typical areas of application for Cicuta virosa?

  • concussion
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • skin rashes
  • cramps

Areas of application in detail


Distended stomach, like you’re about to burst. Protracted departure of the winds. Accompanying hiccups and visual disturbances.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Bladder problems and bladder infections

Paralysis of the bladder in older men with involuntary urination, as well as stitches in the urethra. The symptoms often occur at night and are accompanied by severe anxiety.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Very liquid stool, several times a day, as in cholera. An unbearable itching in the rectum.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Febrile convulsions in which the whole body twitches, back and limbs twist and stretch backwards. The pupils are greatly dilated.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Yellow-crusted rash on the left corner of the mouth, itching and burning, with acrid discharge that irritates the skin. The blisters rise up the left side of the face up to the cheek.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Headache migraine

After skull injuries, e.g. concussion or other traumatic brain injuries, which are followed by convulsions. These include meningitis and encephalitis of unclear origin. Also concomitant with known epilepsy disease.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Febrile seizures, jaw lock, epileptic seizures and chorea symptoms. Very dilated pupils, also foam at the mouth. The body twists backwards like a streak.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Menstrual cramps

Tearing and drawing pains in coccyx. When the period starts late, body cramps in different locations occur.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Cradle cap

Cradle cap in young children with light yellow and dry scales.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Difficulties swallowing

If a foreign body is swallowed and this leads to pharyngeal cramps or shortness of breath, the remedy helps to relax the body so that the foreign body can be removed quickly. Even with severe, long-lasting or chronic hiccups.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Nausea and vomiting

Morning sickness, even while eating. You spit blood and bile. Even with morning morning sickness.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Indigestion/ upset stomach

It burns and pulsates hot in the stomach area. The stomach is distended. The symptoms appear after eating and are accompanied by great tiredness. This leads to rush of blood in the head and dizziness.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Worm infestation

For intestinal parasites, when the infestation causes cramps.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Dental problems caused by permanent teeth grinding.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Application information

Dosage form of Cicuta virosa

The agent is administered orally as (globules, tablets) or as an infusion in low potency. Cicuta virosa requires a prescription up to and including potency D3.

Cicuta virosa dosage

You give 5 globules or one tablet three times a day in low potency (D4 to D12). For high-potency long-term administration, infusion therapies as well as for pregnant women and children, individual administration may apply, which should be clarified beforehand by a specialist.

Cicuta virosa effect

Cicuta virosa affects the central nervous system, skin, digestive tract and bladder.

Cicuta virosa during pregnancy

Pregnant women are given the remedy for morning sickness and vomiting caused by bending down. There is also eclampsia occurring during childbirth.

The intake of Cicuta virosa should be medically clarified in advance.

Cicuta virosa for the baby

Cicuta virosa can be used on babies and children who have a mildly itchy rash with yellow scabs. In most cases, the rash affects the face and hands.

The remedy has proven itself in the treatment of cramps that occur with worm disease or during teething. The children stretch their heads, necks and spines backwards.

Cicuta virosa in children

Cicuta virosa can be administered after vaccination reactions with subsequent cramps and in the case of fever cramps and teething problems associated with cramps. The remedy is suitable for hysterically screaming infants and young children who cling to people and objects; also for children who react overly sensitively, are hyperactive, have behavioral problems or are auto-aggressive.

However, the therapy should first be coordinated with a homeopath or doctor on a case-by-case basis. Self-medication is not recommended.

Cicuta virosa for dogs, horses and cats

Cicuta virosa can be given to animals with brain dysfunction from disease or injury. The animals suffer from spasms and convulsions. The head and neck of the animals are stretched backwards. The pupils are fixed and directed outwards. The animals want to be alone.

Side effects of Cicuta virosa

Side effects or interactions are not known. A brief aggravation of the symptoms may occur when you first take it. The agent can be administered in addition to conventional epilepsy medication. It is only freely available in pharmacies from a potency of D4 upwards.

Similar means

Viola tricolor

Cicuta virosa and Viola tricolor are similar remedies for rashes with blanched crusts such as herpes or cradle cap. Viola tricolor is the remedy of choice for nocturnal itching and when the hair is sticky due to the yellowish secretions and scabs.

Iris versicolor

Cicuta virosa and Iris versicolor have similarities in the drug picture for itchy skin rashes with yellowish discharges. Iris versicolor is indicated for aggravation of itching during the night. The rashes are mainly found on the hairy head and around the mouth.

Cicuta maculata

Cicuta virosa and Cicuta maculata are very similar in their effect. Cicuta maculata is used for fainting and convulsions. Cicuta maculata is indicated when the whole body is covered with sweat.

Typical potencies: Cicuta virosa is often used in the potencies 6X, 12X, 30X and 200X. The potency D4 is prescribed less frequently.

Prescription: Cicuta virosa requires a prescription up to potency D3.

fabric type: medicinal plant


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