Clove Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Clove essential oil: beneficial properties, uses, where to find it, price, contraindications and all the information on correct use.

Cloves are perfect for flavoring sauces or roasts and can be even more suitable for soothing oral cavity disorders (teeth, gums, palate and mucous membranes), nervous tension, muscle and rheumatic pains. On this page we will see how to use clove essential oil as a natural remedy for toothache, canker sores, stomatitis, gingivitis… and to soothe other ailments.

Clove essential oil, beneficial properties

At home, it can be added to the aroma diffuser to eliminate odors. It is considered useful for the treatment of skin irritations, coughs, colds and joint pains. It is popular for its tonic properties and in aromatherapy it is used to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and for affections of the oral cavity. In this paragraph we will see different uses to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of clove essential oil.

Clove essential oil and toothache

The active ingredients contained in it make this essential oil a good natural pain reliever useful in case of toothache. You can use the oil as seen in the following remedies, or you can place a clove on the suffering tooth and keep it for at least 20 minutes.

Natural remedy against canker sores and stomatitis 

In case of infections of the oral cavity, the eugenol contained in clove oil can be useful for its disinfectant properties. For the treatment of canker sores and stomatitis, rinse with a solution made with half a glass of boiled water to which you have added a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two drops of clove essential oil.

Thanks to its antiviral properties, this remedy is suitable for the natural treatment of herpes simplex

For sensitive teeth and bleeding gums

Clove essential oil is a great natural remedy for sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. To take advantage of its beneficial properties, simply combine 3 drops of clove essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil, wet a cotton swab which you will then dab on the gums to be treated. For the same purpose, as an alternative to essential oil, you can chew  dried cloves directly even if this solution could cause a slight burning.

Against muscle aches and rheumatic pains

An ointment based on clove essential oil (diluted to 3%) and sweet almond oil can be useful in case of muscular problems and rheumatic pains. Grease your hands with this ointment and massage with circular movements, the result will be a warming massage with an analgesic action.

Against mental fatigue

Widespread in environments, its tonic and stimulating properties can be useful. Diffuse this aroma in rooms such as the office or study room: its strong aroma counteracts mental fatigue, drowsiness and increases the ability to concentrate.

Where to find clove essential oil

Cloves are harvested from an evergreen tree; the parts used for the extraction of the essential oil are the leaves, stems and flowers. In particular, the extraction takes place mainly from the flower buds collected when the glass turns red. The extraction method is steam distillation.

Clove essential oil can be bought in herbalist shops, in shops specializing in the purchase and sale of natural products or online, on various ecommerce. Clove essential oil can be bought at an affordable price: on Amazon, a 10 ml bottle of 100% Pure Clove Essential Oil is offered at a price of 7 USD with free shipping.

Regardless of where you will buy camphor oil and its price, make sure you choose a 100% pure and unadulterated product. In aromatherapy, the effectiveness of a treatment depends entirely on the quality of the product used.

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