Coprinus mushroom for Herbal Naturopathy: properties, benefits, uses, side effects

Coprinus (Coprinus comatus) is a widely used mushroom not only for food purposes, but also for therapeutic purposes as it is recommended to diabetics for its hypoglycemic effect. Let’s find out better.

Description of the mushroom

Coprinus is a common species that bears fruit from spring to autumn, isolated or in large groups, in fields and vegetable gardens, in backfill or in any case loose, sandy and rich in organic substances. It prefers small fragments of decaying wood, shavings and sawdust.

The mushroom has an oval shape with a tall and slender stem. Rebuilding the habitat for cultivation is quite simple as it is sufficient to pile timber on the ground; the decomposition of the wood creates the ideal conditions for the growth of this species.

Commonly known as “Shaggy mane” in America, and as “ink mushroom” in Italy, Coprinus comatus is a delicious mushroom from a culinary point of view, also mentioned for this in the book Common Edible Mushrooms of 1943.

The properties of  Coprinus comatus

It is the most important fungus with an antidiabetic effect; it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it contains essential amino acids and a high percentage of proteins. 

Contains vanadium, a mineral that has a clear hypoglycemic effect. Furthermore, coprinus is able to chelate this mineral which is an activator of the beta cells of the pancreas. It also contains potassium in high quantities, but also calcium, iron, copper and zinc.

Coprinus comatus regulates insulin release, increasing its peripheral sensitivity and simultaneously modulating the immune system. As we have said, its action is explained by the richness of vanadium, insulin mimetic through an inhibition mechanism of intracellular tyrosine kinase. All this without the serious contraindications that the administration of vanadium at a metallic level has.

Coprinus is able to regularize intestinal peristalsis and is therefore useful in case of hemorrhoids.

When to use Coprinus

Its main indications are for: hyperglycemia, hemorrhoids and constipation. Promotes digestion, and is an anticancer. It can be useful in both type I and type II diabetes, in fact it acts as a real oral hypoglycemic agent, without any type of side effect

Its indications are also described in the treatment of intestinal infections.

According to traditional Chinese medicine

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Coprinus, with a sweet taste, is certainly the most suitable mushroom for subjects belonging to the Earth Lodge (stomach-spleen-pancreas) and also for the Metal Lodge (lung, intestinal) and seems to favor digestion and for the  treatment of hemorrhoids.

It works on the spleen-pancreas-stomach meridians, its season is autumn and the middle season, it tones the pancreas and regenerates it.


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