Dental health: 5 healthy habits

Regular visits to the dentist, as well as cleaning and rinsing the oral cavity, are fundamental habits for dental health and to avoid complications.

Showing off a beautiful healthy smile is the desire of every person who loves to take care of themselves. These five habits will help you maintain excellent dental health , including your gums. In addition, they will help you to have an exceptional look.

Maintaining good teeth requires consistency. Oral hygiene involves a series of treatments ranging from correct brushing, the use of dental floss, up to rinsing with mouthwash.

It is a daily task not to be neglected, in order not to run the risk of serious illness. Take note of these 5 habits to maintain excellent dental health !

Pathologies of the oral cavity

The best known diseases are caries , gingivitis and periodontitis . But also broken or dark teeth, oral candidiasis, bruxism, mouth ulcers and even cancer.

All have devastating effects on the teeth, gums and tongue; for this it is necessary to act in time to avoid greater damage.

Caries is directly linked to lack of hygiene and affects one in four adults. This type of pathology causes pain and sensitivity to cold and heat.

Teeth can break when chewing on foods such as nuts , hard candies, ice cubes, biting nails , pencils, or other objects.

They can also damage the jaw joint. The lack of hygiene certainly contributes to the fracture of the teeth.

Gingivitis is inflammation of the tissues that cover the root of the teeth. The cause is dental plaque produced by inadequate hygiene. It causes redness and inflammation of the gums, causes them to bleed and causes bad breath.

Periodontitis is an advanced form of gingivitis that can cause tooth loss , painful abscesses, bad breath, bleeding, and bite abnormalities.

The damage becomes permanent if not treated in time.

Useful habits to take care of dental health

1. Brush your teeth properly

The use of the toothbrush is essential and must be carried out for a minimum of four times a day ; especially when you wake up and after every meal. In all cases, after the consumption of sugary foods.

It is recommended not to rub the toothbrush hard to avoid injury or wear of the enamel. Circular movements are best for ensuring greater effectiveness.

The most recommended toothpastes are those that include fluoride .

This substance remineralizes the enamel and contributes to the elimination of dental plaque, attacking the bacteria that produce it and which perforate the teeth until they cause decay.

In the temporary absence of the toothbrush, rinsing with water will help reduce the effect of bacteria. The habit of eating a green apple and then rinsing your mouth with water is another viable alternative.

2. Interdental cleaning

Dental floss allows us to reach corners where the toothbrush does not reach. Food remains accumulate between the teeth which generate thick plaque, which is very harmful to the health of the teeth.

There are three simple ways to reach every corner: floss, interdental brushes, or oral irrigators . Each of these is effective in carrying out this very important task.

3. The indispensable mouthwash rinses

Proper dental cleaning culminates in rinsing with mouthwash. They complete the cleaning of those spaces that cannot be reached with a toothbrush or other utensils.

There are mouthwashes with anticavity, whitening effects or for sensitive teeth. At the same time, they give a pleasant sensation of freshness.

4. The dentist, a visit necessary

At least once a year you should see a dentist. The visit of the expert will ascertain the presence of possible dental diseases, such as caries, gingivitis , periodontitis or darkening of the teeth, among other pathologies.

Adequate dental hygiene should always be complemented by dental visits , where deep cleaning work is always possible.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use suitable products to achieve the best oral hygiene.

5. Nutrition as a complement to dental health

The contribution of calcium to tooth formation occurs mainly through food .

All foods rich in vitamins and minerals should be part of the daily diet . Fish, vegetables and fruits are healthy for the whole body, including the mouth.

Other foods, such as sweets and sugar-rich drinks, are highly harmful to the teeth. Some, like coffee and wine, stain them. Also, hard candies can cause damage to the teeth.

Proper oral hygiene will contribute to dental health .

These 5 habits will help you take care of your teeth and guarantee you a beautiful smile.

This is a business card for a healthy and happy person.

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