Detox naturally with Homeopathy

Environmental toxins, medicines, nicotine, alcohol, unhealthy food – the human body is exposed to many substances, waste products and toxins every day. It is therefore sensible and beneficial to detoxify the body regularly – preferably naturally. This is particularly easy to do with these tools.

In order to stay healthy or to prevent acute illnesses from becoming chronic: there are many reasons for regularly ridding the body of accumulated toxins. Poisons and slags weaken the organism or can even make you ill. Especially after drug treatments with antibiotics or cortisone, with frequently recurring colds and flu-like infections, it can make sense to detoxify the body naturally – with homeopathy.

Detox naturally: suitable homeopathic medicines

Nicotine, medication, alcohol: the liver is the central organ in the body where toxins are broken down. Various medicines can be used to support the metabolic organ in its natural detoxification. In homeopathy, detoxification is also called drainage.

Homeopathic medicines particularly suitable for detoxification:

  • Sulfur: The classic homeopathic medicinal product has a strong detoxifying effect on connective tissue and mucous membranes and has a cleansing effect on the entire organism. In homeopathy, sulfur is primarily used for natural detoxification after drug treatments with antibiotics and cortisone. If the body is so heavily burdened with toxins that other homeopathic medicines have no effect, Sulfur can be used for natural detoxification.
  • Nux vomica: A very versatile homeopathic remedy Nux vomica. It is particularly suitable for the natural detoxification of the body if you have consumed too many stimulants such as coffee or alcohol. It is also used to remove harmful substances from medicines. Nux vomica has proven particularly effective in the accompanying treatment of side effects after chemotherapy.
  • Pulsatilla: In homeopathy, Pulsatilla is considered an important natural detoxifying agent that acts primarily on the mucous membranes, stomach and intestines. Pulsatilla helps to alleviate physical ailments caused by fatty, unhealthy food, stomach-irritating beverages such as coffee and alcohol, and the use of medication. Pulsatilla has a similar effect to the detoxification classic Sulfur, only the natural detoxification of organs and connective tissue is even more gentle.
  • Arsenicum album: Within homeopathy, the medicinal product Arsenicum album is considered a universal remedy for all types of poisoning. It is mainly used when there are physical signs of exhaustion and weakness and can compensate for the negative consequences of an unhealthy diet. In addition, Arsenicum album is also said to have an anxiolytic effect.
  • Okoubaka: Okoubaba is also considered a drug with a strong detoxifying effect, which acts primarily on the gastrointestinal tract and is used for abdominal cramps, flatulence, constipation and acute diarrhea. Especially after treatment with antibiotics or after a norovirus, rotavirus or salmonella infection, Okoubaba can help to naturally detoxify and restore the intestinal flora.
  • Magnesium fluoratum: If cold symptoms such as coughing and runny nose flare up again and again after taking antipyretic drugs and other cold preparations, the recovery is protracted and the body is weak, natural detoxification with magnesium fluoratum can help.
  • Echinacea: Echinacea is known to increase the immune system. As a homeopathic medicine, it can also contribute to the natural detoxification of subliminal and unhealed diseases.

Detox naturally: Typical potencies and their dosage

For self-treatment in natural detoxification, low potencies of 3X to 12X are commonly used. However, choosing the right homeopathic medicine is not always easy. If there are any uncertainties, an experienced homeopath should be asked for advice if possible, who can use a detailed anamnesis to determine the appropriate medicine, potency and dosage.


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