Discovering Rosemary: useful in the kitchen and ally of natural beauty

Rosemary is an aromatic shrub, used primarily for its unique aromatic properties. In fact, it has several other properties, which make it ideal for several other uses.


Rosemary is one of the symbolic plants of the Mediterranean countries (botanical name rosmarinus officinalis). Its Latin name “ros marinus” means dew of the sea and recalls the link between the color of its flowers and the color of the sea.

Its use is very ancient, both as an ornament to be used for ceremonies and as an antiseptic. It was in fact used to purify the air when there were epidemic diseases, especially the plague.

Rosemary: therapeutic properties

The therapeutic capabilities of this natural cooking ingredient are mainly related to the stimulation of brain activity and memory.

It is a plant considered as a natural anti-aging. Not surprisingly, the ancient Greeks used to cover their heads with rosemary crowns to carry out demanding intellectual activities.

In much more recent times, enolith obtained by macerating rosemary in white wine. It useful against physical and intellectual fatigue, against rheumatism, arterial hypotension, dizziness and hypercholesterolemia.

The properties of rosemary

It is a strong flavoring, but, in addition to flavoring foods, it has other properties:

  • has an antioxidant action on foods, helping to promote their conservation,
  • has aperitif virtues,
  • digestive,
  • diuretic,
  • choleretic (increases biliary secretions),
  • carminative (facilitates the expulsion of intestinal gas)
  • and finally antispasmodic.

Rosemary essential oil also has innumerable advantages.

  • Vaporized in the environment, it facilitates concentration and memory and balances the mood, but it can also be used for massages, baths, lotions, wraps.

For example, combined with almond oil, it is used for massages against rheumatism, joint and muscle pain, and also fights stretch marks because it maintains the elasticity of the epidermal layers.

Baths and showers with the addition of a few drops of rosemary essential oil, tone, are energizing and stimulate, while compresses based on rosemary on wounds and sores facilitate healing.

An ally of beauty

It is also excellent for hair care. It helps to strengthen the hair and facilitate its growth. The essential oil is in fact able to stimulate the follicle and hair growth, counteracting its fall.

But not only that… It also makes the hair shinier and helps hide gray hair. Here is our in-depth study on how to take care of your hair with this fantastic aromatic shrub.

An herbal tea made from needles and dried rosemary flowers to drink before and after meals is disinfectant, diuretic, vermifuge, stimulates sweating, regulates menstrual flow and opens the respiratory tract.

Rosemary, how to grow it

Growing rosemary is really child’s play, very easy! Therefore, advice on how to best cultivate it could not be missing.

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