Does coffee make you fat or lose weight?

As you well know, coffee is one of the most consumed products by the population around the world. However, and especially if you are a strict person with your body weight, questions may arise such as: “How many calories does coffee have?” “Does coffee help you lose weight?” “Is the coffee good?” and, perhaps one of the most important: “Does coffee make you fat or lose weight ?”.

If you are one of these people and you have some of the questions we have discussed, you should know that the answer will always depend: it will depend on how it is consumed and when you eat it. If you want to know more, don’t miss the following article. We show you the truth about this curious topic.

Does coffee make you fat or lose weight? – the answer

As we have mentioned before, coffee makes you fat or lose weight depending on the way you prepare and drink it. So, you should know that coffee by itself is not fattening and, in addition, has a large number of health benefits. The problem can come if we complement the coffee with cream, milk, chocolates, sugars…

Regarding the caloric intake of coffee, it should be noted that it will also depend on how you prepare it. 30 grams of coffee without supplementing provide only 2 kcal, while, if you add a sugar cube, this figure can go up to 22kcal. Similarly, you should consider that the more supplements you add, the more calories it will have; For example, if you add sugar and milk to 30 grams of coffee, it will give you approximately 50 kcal. As you can see, if coffee makes you fat it is due to the supplements that are added, but by itself it will not cause you to gain weight.

Is coffee with milk fattening?

It is common to complement coffee with milk. As we have said before, milk can make your body weight increase or, at least, the chances of gaining weight are greater than if you drink coffee without supplements.

If your goal is to control your body weight, it is best to drink coffee alone, avoiding adding milk or sugar. In any case, if you don’t like the taste of black coffee, you can always opt for skimmed milk, as it provides fewer calories than whole milk.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that coffee alone and in moderation is slimming, but we must bear in mind that excess coffee or coffee accompanied by added sugars, whole or vegetable milk with added sugars or even some alcohol such as whiskey can make you fat.

benefits of coffee for weight loss

As you probably know, coffee is often paired with a sweeter food due to its bitter taste. However, and as we have previously announced, coffee by itself has many benefits for health and also for losing weight:

  • Accelerates metabolism: due to this quality, coffee makes fats burn faster and more intensely, so that your body will not consume more calories than it should.
  • Reduces appetite: due to the large amount of energy it provides, coffee makes your desire to eat decrease, an ideal characteristic for those who want to lose weight and are looking for foods that can satisfy them.
  • Diuretic properties: all foods that contain diuretic properties are ideal for losing weight, since thanks to the consumption of these, electrolytes and water are eliminated from the body. If you want to avoid fluid retention, coffee can be a great ally.
  • It provides few kcal: as we have explained before, coffee provides few calories, so it will not make you gain weight.

As you can see, coffee has properties that can help you lose weight, but keep in mind that if you want to lose weight or control it, it is best to add a healthy diet to your daily routine and exercise weekly .

How much sugar to put in coffee so as not to gain weight?

For many people, drinking coffee without any supplement can be unpleasant due to its bitter taste, however, you should know that sugar is one of the supplements that provides the most calories and one of the reasons why we radically gain weight and we believe that coffee makes you fat

If you do not want to gain weight, we recommend that you avoid adding sugar, both normal and brown, since although the latter has fewer calories, the difference is minimal. As an alternative you can use honey (300 Kcal per 100 grams); Although it is true that this food can also make you fat, the advantage is that it provides a large amount of nutrients as well as antioxidants, minerals and various vitamins that are most beneficial for your body.

On the other hand, you can use stevia or saccharin to sweeten the coffee; These two alternatives do not provide calories and although they alter the taste of the infusion, you will be able to control your weight more easily.


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