Drinking hot lemon water in the morning: why is it good for you? Here are the benefits and 6 recipes

Lemon water is a very simple remedy for everyone to improve some aspects of our health. Discover the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning, some alternative recipes but also the possible contraindications of this drink.

Sometimes we go in search of particular remedies or remedies that come from afar, forgetting that we often have simple and cheap ingredients at home that can help us solve some small health problems and make us feel better.

One of these is lemon: a fruit that we can use in many ways, such as preparing a nice cup of hot water and lemon. Lemon water is one of the best known and most appreciated natural remedies that offers several benefits, especially if taken early in the morning.

Therefore, to obtain the maximum benefits, it is advisable to drink water and lemon on an empty stomach and wait some time (at least 15-20 minutes) before having breakfast, in order to give the remedy time to act. Drinking lemon water before coffee in the morning should also be avoided. Let’s find out now all the benefits of this drink.

Benefits of drinking lemon water every day

There are those who consider lukewarm water and lemon a sort of internal shower that we can offer our body every morning. Just as we wash the outside of our body, according to natural medicine we should also be careful to keep the inside of the body clean by using for example hot water and fresh lemon juice.

The benefits of water and lemon are many and derive mainly from the presence of vitamin C and antioxidant molecules present in lemon. In particular, taking this drink for a few consecutive days helps to purify the liver, improve digestion and help intestinal regularity (both in case of constipation and diarrhea).

Furthermore, drinking the drink with water and lemon every day offers advantages that are also highlighted on the energy level of the person, precisely due to the detoxifying effect that the drink ensures if taken regularly for a certain period. Vitamin C also offers benefits to the skin as it helps the synthesis of collagen.

The combination of warm water and lemon is then able to remineralize the body and help the immune system to keep away viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms both by strengthening it and by carrying out a disinfectant action.

Water and lemon in the morning allows you to solve a possible problem of halitosis, given the refreshing power of lemon, it contributes to the correct hydration of the body and also stimulates the metabolism, favoring weight loss (it is in fact a natural remedy that is often associated to a diet and physical activity as part of a personalized weight loss plan).

According to natural medicine, hot lemon water is an effective remedy for regulating the body’s pH. This happens because the organic acids responsible for the acidity of the fruit are metabolizable and therefore quickly transformed into carbon dioxide and then be eliminated by breathing, while the inorganic bases remain longer and are subsequently eliminated by the kidney.

How to make water and lemon in the morning: 6 practical recipes

Now let’s see how to make the drink, starting from the basic recipe, then followed by 5 variations. We recommend that you take lemon water every morning before breakfast to make the most of its benefits and eat 15 minutes after taking it.

1. Lemon water: basic recipe

The basic recipe involves the use of only two ingredients: hot or lukewarm water and the juice of about 1 third of organic lemon. The water must be hot, but not boiling, so as not to compromise the vitamin C content of the lemon.

It is advisable to start by squeezing the juice of about 1 third of a medium-sized lemon into a carafe (or teapot) containing 250 ml of hot water and drinking it before it cools, but without rushing, tasting the hot water and lemon like tea. If the taste is too sour, you can start with smaller doses of juice, slowly increasing the quantity until the palate gets used to the drink. Generally it is recommended to use the juice of half a lemon. However, it is important to take water and lemon on an empty stomach.

2. Water and lemon with linseed

This is a recipe particularly suitable for those who suffer from constipation or diarrhea, as flax seeds promote regularity. They also perform an anti-inflammatory and emollient action on the gastrointestinal system.

The drink is prepared by boiling a teaspoon of flax seeds in about 300 ml of water (the equivalent of a cup) for 2 or 3 minutes, filtered and left in the refrigerator for the whole night. The next morning the solution is heated and the lemon juice is added.

Alternatively, you can prepare it by soaking the flax seeds overnight. The next morning the mixture is filtered, heated and finally the juice of half a lemon is added. If the mixture is too “gelatinous”, it can be stretched with a little water.

3. Water, lemon and ginger

Lemon water can also be enriched with a few slices of fresh ginger. It is prepared by putting the peeled and cut ginger in a saucepan with a cup of water, boiling everything over low heat for 10 minutes, letting it cool a little and finally adding the lemon.

4. Water and lemon with turmeric

Water and lemon can also be flavored and enriched with the use of turmeric. It can be prepared in two ways: using fresh turmeric or turmeric powder.

In the first case, a cup of water is brought to the boil with a piece of turmeric in it, boiled for about 10 minutes, filtered, left to cool and only at the last one add the fresh lemon juice.

If you have turmeric powder available, you can simply add a little to your cup of ready-made lukewarm lemon water, mixing well.

5. Water, lemon and lavender

A very tasty variant is water, lemon and lavender. A light lavender herbal tea is prepared by infusing a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, strain, let it cool down a little longer and add the freshly squeezed lemon juice. This drink quenches, purifies and relaxes the nervous system, thanks to the calming qualities of lavender.

6. Water, lemon and mint

For those who love refreshing flavors, especially in summer, the advice is to add a few leaves of fresh mint in the glass containing hot water and lemon. Mint adds a fresh and strong aroma and makes this drink truly exquisite and pleasant to sip.

Lemon water: how much to drink it for?

If used for purification purposes, for example during seasonal changes or in view of a new diet, it is recommended to drink it for at least 15-20 consecutive days, generally recommended in seasonal purification cycles. In other cases, however, the drink can be taken when needed to have immediate benefits, for example in the case of slow digestion. Finally, to take advantage of its general properties and help maintain a good state of health, it is sufficient to drink it in cycles of 7/10 days a month, possibly experimenting with some of the versions proposed above.

Contraindications of water and lemon

This very simple remedy is not without contraindications. Water and lemon in the morning is generally recommended to everyone but those suffering from liver failure are exceptions. In case of mild gastritis, on the other hand, it is advisable to start with a few drops of lemon in the morning to assess one’s tolerance, then, if necessary, gradually increase in the following days. In this regard, we remind you that there are many testimonies of people who have seen the symptoms of gastritis significantly improve by drinking this drink regularly.

A disadvantage that can occur to those who take water and lemon on an empty stomach regularly and for a long time concerns the teeth. The acidity of the lemon in the mouth can affect the enamel, for this reason, to remedy the problem, there are those who take the drink using a straw to avoid contact of the lemon with the teeth.


The lemon juice to use for this remedy is fresh, just squeezed. Ready-made lemon juice should be avoided. It is also important to choose untreated or organic lemons to ensure that there are no traces of pesticides in the purifying drink. It is advisable to start with the juice of about 1 third of a lemon and then, if necessary, increase to half a lemon.

The temperature of the water is also of fundamental importance, which should be hot or lukewarm, not hot or cold. The right temperature helps the metabolization of the natural remedy which can thus act better within the body.


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