Electro, Australian flowers that protect against electromagnetic fields

Electro is the compound of Australian Bush Flower Essences indicated to shield or reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions, repeaters and the like.

It helps to reduce discomfort and inconvenience for those who live for a long time in contact with technology, or working in contact with it, immersed in magnetic fields. Also useful in case of exposure to radiotherapy, x-rays and the like. Promotes rebalancing and the achievement of calm, well-being and physical and mental vitality. 

The composition of Electro

The Electro compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Bush Fuchsia acting on the rebalancing of the cerebral hemispheres, helps in case of mental fatigue and head weighed down by electromagnetic frequencies (PC, cell phones and more), improving the synapses (connections) of the brain. For those who spend a lot of time in front of a video, a computer or electronic devices 
  • Crowea has a calming action on body and mind, maintains a sense of psychophysical balance when in excessive and repeated contact with electromagnetic radiation.
  • Fringed Violet protects our energy field and promotes the restoration of the aura damaged by electromagnetic radiation (and more) 
  • Mulla Mulla in this compound (Electro) helps to eliminate the radiation stored in our body and to reduce the absorption of various radiations. 
  • Paw Paw acts on the sensation of feeling overloaded by an excess of stimuli from frequencies and electromagnetic fields, which interfere with the concentration and assimilation of useful information. He gives calm and mental clarity. 
  • Waratah favors courage, tenacity, adaptability to overcome crises, emergencies or great challenges, particularly invasive therapies. 

Electro usage tips

Drops : 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep. 

It may be useful to keep it next to the source of emission or on, in addition to taking it orally, during the use of such equipment, or periodically, as a support or alternating with other detoxification and protection practices.  

Electro or Mulla Mulla (contained in Electro) are indicated before and after exposure to, or treatment with, radiotherapy, radiation (nuclear medicine, x-rays, radiographs and the like), to reduce the effects and absorption of radiation. 

Also useful for those who live and live in excessive proximity to antennas and radio repeaters . 

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