Energy, the restorative Australian Flowers

Energy is the restorative and energizing compound of Australian Flowers. It is generally recommended for when you are experiencing a drop in energy, you feel out of shape, there is exhaustion and discouragement, lack or weakness of vital forces. Renew enthusiasm and vitality, dynamism and joy for life. Useful for example in the convalescence phases, in periods of overwork, intense physical or mental activity and other situations.

The composition of Energy

The compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Banksia Robur, for normally dynamic people who go through a moment of fatigue, frustration or energy drop. promotes recovery and the ascent towards well-being, improves mental rather than physical energy.
  • Crowea has a calming and invigorating effect on body and mind, promotes peace and well-being. helps in anxious states which can reduce energy and vitality.
  • Illawara Flame Tree favors the first step to make one’s potential concrete, listening to aspirations. Strengthens and balances the activity of the thymus, the gland of the immune system, promoting vital recovery in convalescence.
  • Macrocarpa is a general psycho-physical tonic, specific for the adrenal glands that regulate the reaction to stress (adrenaline). Provides physical energy in cases of exhaustion and weakness.
  • Old Man Banksia is specifically for people who are sad and have low energy complaints. Helps to regain power and energy, and helps balance the activity of thyroid hormones.
  • Yellow Cowslip Orchid for the rebalancing of the pituitary gland, the ‘guide’ gland of the endocrine – hormonal system, which connects the nervous and immune systems. Helps to deal with conflict and adversity with impartiality. It supports brain activity, favoring the integration of new concepts and opening up to new ideas or novelties.

Recommendations for use  

Drops: 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep

Oral spray: 2 sprays on the tongue. 

Useful for example in the convalescence phases, in periods of overwork, intense physical or mental activity (work, study), at the change of season.

Australian Flower Essence

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