Erisimo for Herbal Naturopathy: properties, benefits, uses, side effects

Erisimo, known as singers’ herb, is a useful herb for coughing, hoarseness, and loss of voice.

Erisimo ( Sisymbrium officinale or Erysimum officinale ) is a plant of the Brassicaceae family. Known for its  anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, erysme is useful for disorders of the vocal cords and inflammation of the respiratory system.

Properties and benefits of erysim

Erisimo, also known as ” singing herb “, owes its name to the anti-inflammatory, bechica (which helps fight coughs) and emollient action on the respiratory tract.

These properties are given by the presence of:

  • Mucilage ;
  • flavonoids ;
  • sulfur compounds  similar to those of horseradish, which are found in significant quantities in the leaves and flowering aerial parts of the plant.

What is erysism for

Erisimo is recommended especially in case of :

  • Hoarseness ;
  • aphonia ;
  • dysphonia , or momentary lowering or loss of the voice;
  • throat inflammation such as: laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis.

The plant is called the singers’ herb precisely because of the properties of erysism for the voice , useful for treating disorders that arise following an effort of the vocal cords .

In addition to hoarseness and aphonia, erysme is also an excellent remedy for coughs, in particular against the cough of smokers, to alleviate dryness of the larynx and pharynx and sore throat.

Erysme can also be used as a mouthwash and to gargle to relieve inflammation of the mouth, gums and throat.

How to use erisimo

Erysme can be used as an infusionfluid extract or mother tincture.

  • The herbal tea is prepared with 5-6 grams of dried drug to be left to infuse for twenty minutes in a cup of boiling water.

To take advantage of the properties of erysism for phlegm, sore throat and loss of voice, you can drink two or three cups a day; the infusion can also be used for mouth rinses and gargling.

  • The fluid extract can be found in the form of a spray for localized applications or as drops of erisimo to be taken internally, at a dosage of 2 grams two or three times a day.
  • The mother tincture of erisimo is taken three times a day, diluting 25-30 drops in a little water.

Contraindications and side effects of erysme

Erysim has no particular side effects at therapeutic doses. The use of this remedy is not recommended in case of allergies, in pregnancy, in children and in hypothyroid subjects.

Description of the plant

The erisimo plant has an erect, reddish-purplish and branched stem. The basal leaves are pinnatosette, while the upper ones have a widely toothed lamina.

The flowers of the erisimo are small, yellow and gathered in racemes; the fruit is an elongated siliqua, which contains about twenty oblong and dark seeds.

Where erysism grows

Erisimo is a ruderal plant widespread throughout Europe. Erisimo therefore grows in uncultivated land, along roadsides and near inhabited centers both in the plains and in the mountains.


The properties of the erisimo have been known since ancient times and the name of the plant derives from the Greek ” eruo” ” I save ” and ” oimos”” the song ” .

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