Erysimus or singers’ herb: properties, benefits and uses

Do you know the erisimo? Today we are going to discover the properties of this health plant, also known as the singers’ herb for its ability to effectively treat painful states, throat inflammation, hoarseness and situations of aphonia and dysphonia related to laryngitis, pharyngitis or tracheitis.

Erisimo (scientific name Sisymbrium Officinale) is a plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family also known as ‘ singers’ herb ‘ thanks to its remarkable anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties capable of counteracting inflammation of the respiratory tract.

History and origins of the plant

Although known since ancient times, this plant has only been thoroughly studied since the 16th century. In fact, it became popular especially among oratories, theater actors and singers during the Renaissance period thanks to its properties capable of treating even severe cases of aphonia.

This plant grows spontaneously in uncultivated and humid soils or even at the edges of roads and near inhabited centers, both in the plains and in the mountains. It is recognized for its small yellow flowers gathered in clusters.

Erisimo: properties for health

Erysim has remarkable mucolytic and expectorant properties for the mucous membrane of the respiratory system. It is therefore recommended to use it to treat inflammation of the throat and situations of aphonia and dysphonia due to laryngitis, pharyngitis or tracheitis.

Those who work with the voice, therefore, can find in this plants a valid ally in cases of need, it is no coincidence that erysism is also called the herb of singers “.

Erisimo side effects

The only contraindication to use is if you suffer from hypothyroidism or if you are allergic to Cruciferae.

How to use erisimo: how to use

This plant is commercially available in herbal medicine in the form of drops and tablets, but also sprays for immediate benefit for the voice and throat.

If it is necessary to treat situations of severe inflammation in the throat or almost integral aphonia, then it is recommended in the form of mother tincture. In this case, in fact, the active principle is present in a higher concentration and allows a direct action of greater efficacy.

The infusion of erisimo is also excellent. It is a very useful preparation during the winter months, as it helps prevent inflammation of the respiratory system.

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