Escolzia mother tincture: preparation, properties, benefits and use

The mother tincture of escolzia is known for its sedative and sleep-inducing action, useful in case of insomnia and nervous tension. Let’s find out better.

Properties of the mother tincture of escolzia

The aerial parts of Eschscholtzia californica contain alkaloids (0.5%), phytosterols, carotenoids and flavonoids which give the plant sedative and hypno- inducing properties (which promote sleep). In particular, the alkaloids (berberine, protopine, cryptopine, chelidonin, sanguinarine) act on the heart and nervous system with a calming effect; they have a relaxing action on the muscles and stimulate sleep.

The mother tincture of escolzia is therefore indicated in cases of anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, insomnia, nervousness and irritability. Its intake helps to decrease the period of falling asleep and produces the maintenance of a good quality of sleep, throughout the night, avoiding sudden awakenings.

The hydroalcoholic extract of the plant also has antispasmodic and analgesic activity, especially at the level of the gastrointestinal system; it is useful in nocturnal cramps (flavonoids also improve microcirculation circulation), psychosomatic disorders, headaches, muscle spasms and autonomic dystonia

Description of the plant

The escolzia is native to Arizona, California and Oregon and Mexico, it grows mainly in the coastal dunes and in the arid valleys near the sea, on soft soil, mixed with sand, but also adapts to clayey soils as long as they are well drained.

Perennial herbaceous plant grown as an annual. It has prostrate stems that widen to form 40-50 cm high bushes, of a green-glaucous color. The leaves are alternate, petiolate, jagged, of a green-ashy color.

The single flowers have 4 free obovate petals, white, yellow or orange, with a variety of color tending to bright red. The small and numerous seeds are contained in a 4-5 cm long pod. 

How to prepare the mother tincture of escolzia

The “drug” (part used) corresponds to the aerial parts (stem, flower), collected from May to September. The fresh plant is used, as it loses most of its properties when dried.

The mother tincture of escolzia is prepared with a drug: solvent weight ratio of 1:10 and an alcohol content of 55% vol. 


The mother tinctures have no contraindications other than those of the plant itself, diluted in a little water they can be administered to everyone, the alcohol contained in them is thus diluted, so it is harmless.

The mother tincture of escolzia is not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding. Better to avoid its use in case of cardiovascular problems (eg hypotension, bradycardia), as it can influence cardiac activity by lowering the blood pressure parameters.

It is contraindicated in case of simultaneous intake of psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers and sedatives, or synthetic antihistamines, to avoid a possible dangerous enhancement of the sedative action and side effects of drugs.

Internal use: 30- 40 drops in the evening, dissolved in half a glass of water, before going to bed. 

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