Essential Oil Diffusers: our advice

There are different types of essential oil diffusers : the classic candle, radiator diffusers, burners, vaporizers and specially developed essence diffusers.

On this page we will talk about essential oil diffusers and we will give you some tips on how to use essential oils and diffuse them with do-it-yourself methods.

Essential oil diffusers: warnings and precautions for use

Many portals recommend mixing essential oils with the water of dehumidifiers that are placed in direct contact on the radiators. Still, very popular advice is to put a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle containing 300 ml of water.

This advice does not take into account a crucial factor: essential oils are hydrophobic and therefore not miscible in water. The essential oils, when pure, tend to create an agglomerate which remains, in a sense, isolated from the water, the oily phase (the droplets of essential oil) tend to separate from the aqueous phase (water), therefore there will a homogeneous distribution of essential oils be the result? An  inefficient diffusion! In these circumstances, the user is usually led to believe that the essential oil used is not of good quality, or that the activated diffuser is not working as it should.

Diffusers of essential oils with different characteristics

To use essential oils together with water, it will be necessary to use a dispersing agent capable of making essential oils miscible in water. The same concept applies to candle essential oil diffusers and humidifiers / diffusers / vaporizers. This concept does not apply with essential oil diffusers that function as burners even if the application of heat tends to alter the properties of the essential oil.

Another drawback of candle essential oil diffusers lies in the fact that the flame tends to overheat the container body, making it dangerous especially in the presence of children.

Electric essential oil diffusers

To obviate, at least in part, the problem of immiscibility of essential oils, it is advisable to buy essential oils already in solution or, if you want to buy pure essential oils, we recommend the use of essence diffusers with a small capacity tank.

On the market there are 200 ml essence diffusers that force you to refill every 2 – 4 hours and diffusers with 750 – 1000 ml tanks that guarantee an autonomy of up to 24 hours but which are decidedly bulky. Better to opt for a middle life, that is, for an essential oil diffuser with a capacity of 300 – 400 ml that guarantees an autonomy of 8 – 16 hours, depending on the mode you have selected.

In this way the essences will still be diffused in the environment until they remain the right amount of time. Only experience will tell you how many drops to use to get a satisfactory result for your sense of smell.

Some models of electric essential oil diffusers are correlated with colored lights so as to offer, at the same time, aromatherapy and chromo therapy. The chromo therapy action is mild but is effective if used in small rooms with soft lighting, perhaps during a relaxing shower or while taking a bath.

The market offers electric essential oil diffusers for every need and design style. There are essential oil diffusers that work as burners (they do not produce steam) and others that also act as humidifiers, so they vaporize the essential oils along with the water. If you use essential oil diffusers with high capacity tank vaporizers, remember to use a dispersing agent (if you use pure essential oil ).

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