Fermented papaya: peoperties, benefits

Fermented papaya has excellent digestive and antioxidant properties, but that’s not all. Discover the benefits, uses and contraindications of fermented papaya.

Papaya is a tropical fruit rich in properties in itself, however fermentation is able to increase its beneficial effects, which is why in recent years the products based on this remedy have multiplied, useful in different situations.

Fermented papaya has very interesting properties, especially for those suffering from digestive disorders or for those who want to help their body fight cellular aging.

The process by which fermented papaya is obtained is simple: the fresh fruit (harvested at a specific time of its maturation), is first subjected to microbial fermentation, which can last several months and which increases the nutritional value and the content of enzymes. of the fresh fruit, and then reduced to powder.

Dried and fermented papaya is highly appreciated above all for its antioxidant and digestive qualities that make it a supplement recommended for those who follow an anti-aging diet and lifestyle but also for those suffering from gastric or intestinal heaviness.

It is a useful product but, we would like to point out, not miraculous. The always valid advice is to associate natural remedies with a healthy diet and more generally with a correct and balanced lifestyle. This is the only way to really get amazing results on your health.

Fermented papaya: properties and benefits

Fermented papaya has shown numerous benefits and, specifically, it has proved to be an excellent antioxidant and a useful adjuvant in countering various ailments.

✓ Antioxidant

Among the properties of fermented papaya the antioxidant one certainly stands out, due in particular to the presence of flavonoids and enzymes that are found in greater numbers in this powder product than in fresh fruit. Our diet is often lacking in enzymes as we eat little raw fruit and vegetables (cooking destroys these precious substances), therefore, if you are unable to get enough of them with food alone, you can help yourself with supplements such as that of fermented papaya. Furthermore, antioxidants are able to reduce oxidative stress, a condition at the basis of numerous pathological conditions.

✓ Digestive

Fresh papaya also has the ability to aid digestion thanks to the presence of papain, an enzyme that helps the breakdown of foods and therefore easier metabolization, in particular of foods rich in proteins. Fermentation of papaya increases the number of enzymes and therefore has an even greater digestive effect.

✓ Toned

Taking dried and fermented papaya can help a lot in regaining tone and energy. This food is in fact rich in vitamins (E, A and group B) and mineral salts (especially potassium and magnesium), so it can be considered to all intents and purposes a natural supplement effective against fatigue.

✓ Strengthens the immune system

Among the properties of fermented papaya there is also that of helping and supporting the natural defenses of our body in the fight against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. In fact, those who take this product note, in addition to an increase in energy, also a greater resistance to seasonal disturbances.

✓ Detoxifying and draining

Papaya is useful in detoxifying the body and helping drainage. A benefit that the intake of this natural remedy can bring is to counteract water retention, obviously if associated with the right diet and regular physical activity.

Uses of fermented papaya

Fermented papaya is found in the form of a dry, liquid extract (sometimes combined with other juices with antioxidant power), in tablets, tablets or in sachets to be dissolved in water. The most convenient way to use it is certainly to take one or more tablets as needed or a sachet in periods in which you feel particularly low in tone or have digestive problems.

As for capsules and tablets, generally the recommended dose is 1-2 per day, preferably between meals. As for the sachet, however, one per day is enough and it can be dissolved in water or taken directly under the tongue.

Papaya fermented in liquid form, added for example with Aloe or Noni juice to increase its antioxidant and immunomodulating effect, can be taken in a dose of 15-30 ml per day.

The intake of fermented papaya is recommended, for example, in the change of seasons when the body in general, and the immune system in particular, need some support. In this sense it can also be taken in a preventive manner to avoid the most frequent ailments in the winter season such as colds and various flu.

Fermented papaya: contraindications

The contraindications of fermented papaya are not many but they must still be taken into consideration. Avoid taking it during pregnancy and breastfeeding since there are no studies that prove its safety in these very delicate periods of the life of a woman and her children.

Do not exceed the recommended doses to avoid gastrointestinal problems, among other things, those suffering from previous diseases affecting the stomach or intestine should first ask their doctor for advice.

Dried papaya increases the absorption of iron and is therefore to be avoided if you take supplements based on this mineral. Finally, also pay attention to the interaction with some drugs, avoid doing it yourself and always ask for the opinion of an expert to avoid unwanted side effects.

Fermented papaya: price and where to buy it

Fermented papaya is a product that can be found in pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbalists or in specialized online stores. As we have seen above, it is mainly found in the form of powder, tablets or liquid to be taken according to the indications given by the manufacturer. In general, as regards the sachets of fermented papaya in powder it is recommended to take one sachet per day to be dissolved in water or directly in the mouth and preferably between meals. Liquid fermented papaya, on the other hand, can be dissolved directly in a liter of water to drink during the day.

The price of this supplement varies based on the manufacturer and the size of the package. Generally for a liquid fermented papaya-based drink you can get to 20-25 USD for 250 ml of product, for tablet supplements you can spend about 25 USD for 30 tablets, while for sachets the price is about 30 / 35 USD for 30 disposable sachets.


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