Ferrum metallicum in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is Ferrum metallicum?

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum metallicum is used to support the immune system and blood circulation and to stimulate blood formation. It helps with headaches, dizziness and indigestion. Ferrum metallicum is used to strengthen bones, joints and muscles and to relieve rheumatic complaints. In the case of fever and inflammation, it is given in the initial phase to slow down the course of the disease and speed up healing. It is also given prophylactically during pregnancy to avoid miscarriages.

Leading symptoms

  • noise sensitivity
  • Profuse sweating
  • chilliness
  • Headaches that last for days
  • craving for sweets
  • Face flushed from physical exertion or excitement
  • Toothache better from ice-cold water
  • Tightness in the chest with shortness of breath
  • shortness of breath on exertion

Information about the agent

How do you recognize patients who need Ferrum metallicum?

Ferrum metallicum appears pale, sometimes blotchy, with dark circles under the eyes and under-tempered. Hands and feet are constantly cold, in general one freezes quickly. The bluish veins shimmer through the waxy skin and are easily visible.

The head feels unbearably heavy, like in a clamp, you suddenly get tired, can hardly keep your eyes open, could fall asleep standing up or even walking. Headaches are throbbing, often rising from the back of the neck to the back of the head and traveling forward. There is dizziness and blackening before the eyes when standing up. The scalp is sensitive, it tears when styling. You don’t like meat, you don’t like fat, you get stomach cramps from it, you belch bitterly. Bodily secretions are very watery, the mucous membranes are dry. Patients frequently have nosebleeds and hematomas. Body aches appear on the right side.

At night they have deep back pains, a digging in the shoulder and tearing in the extremities with swollen hands. Nocturnal urge to urinate with frequent wetting.


Ferrum metallicum is indicated for all typical symptoms that improve or worsen with the following modalities:


  • slow movement


  • Quiet
  • effort
  • cold
  • midnight

What are typical areas of application for Ferrum metallicum?

  • headache
  • to cough
  • Vomit
  • diarrhea
  • nerve pain
  • shortness of breath
  • conjunctivitis
  • bedwetting
  • states of exhaustion
  • rheumatic complaints

Areas of application in detail


Involuntary urination during the day.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Diarrhea (also vomiting) with undigested food components. The diarrhea is painless, occurs spontaneously, even at night. For children who suffer more from diarrhea in summer.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


For febrile diseases and feverish inflammation of the respiratory tract in the early stages.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Urinary incontinence

Constant pressure on the bladder with weakened bladder muscles. Night-time wetting occurs.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6 

Headache migraine

Pounding headache that comes out of nowhere, pulsates and lasts a long time. The face is spotted red and white, the feet are cold.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Menstrual cramps

The menstrual period is heavy and long-lasting and starts prematurely. Iron deficiency as a result of excessive menstrual bleeding.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Tearing pains in legs and shoulder girdle. The shoulder joints are immobile.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Application information

Dosage forms of Ferrum metallicum

Potencies from D2 to D12 are given orally, ampoules from D8 are used. Low potencies are indicated for anemia.

Ferrum metallicum dosage

Acute complaints are usually treated with the potencies 6X and 12X. The potency D6 can be given at intervals of several minutes up to five times a day. The potency D12 is usually taken once or twice a day. After each dose you have to wait. The remedy is only given if the condition deteriorates again after an initial improvement. Thus, the revenue gaps usually increase.

Chronic complaints are treated with a single dose of Ferrum metallicum D30.

Ferrum metallicum effect

Acts on the respiratory tract, the digestive tract, the central nervous system, the psyche and the musculoskeletal system.

Ferrum metallicum during pregnancy

Ferrum metallicum can be given for diarrhea during pregnancy. The bowel movement is painless. The stool is caustic and contains undigested parts of food. The women have a fiery red face. They often vomit right after eating. Due to the frequent diarrhea, they are weak and lose weight.

The remedy has also proven itself in the treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy when women have a fiery red face.

Ferrum metallicum for the baby

Ferrum metallicum is commonly given to babies and children who are easily exhausted from activities. They are pale in the face but blush very easily with little exertion or emotion. Ferrum metallicum is mainly used for gastrointestinal complaints or food intolerances. The children suffer from nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Walking around slowly improves the symptoms. Symptoms worsen with rest.

Ferrum metallicum for dogs, horses and cats

Ferrum metallicum is often given to animals for symptoms of anemia and exhaustion. The mucous membranes are pale, but turn red with the slightest exertion. The animals alternately have ravenous hunger or suffer from a loss of appetite. They are weak and afraid.

Ferrum metallicum side effects

There are no indications of side effects for Ferrum metallicum. At the beginning of the treatment, there may be an initial reaction in which the symptoms worsen in the short term. The drug is then no longer taken. As a rule, the symptoms then improve quickly. If the drug is taken too frequently, the existing symptoms may become permanently worse. The intake is then no longer to be continued.

Expertise for homeopaths

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Similar/Related remedies

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Typical potencies: Ferrum metallicum is often used in the potencies 6X, 12X and 30X. The potencies C5 or C6 are prescribed less frequently.

fabric type: heavy metal / mineral


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