Fluent Expression, Australian flowers for self expression

Fluent Expression is the compound of Australian Bush Flower Essences that opens up to creativity and expression, improving communication.

It gives courage and lucidity in facing a performance in public, in tests and oral school tests, improving the timbre, tone and melody of the voice. Improve oral, verbal and creative expression in general. 

Bush Fuchsia among the flowers of the Fluent Expression compound

The composition of Fluent Expression

The Fluent Expression compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Bush Fuchsia, present in other compounds, helps in verbalization and oral exposition, favoring the mastery of exposure, acting on the balance of the two cerebral hemispheres to share information and logical and rational notions with intuition and creativity. This flower enhances display and voice clarity. 
  • Crowea helps with concern and agitation, for example for public speaking, or for an oral question at school, for performance anxiety. Her effect strengthens, calms, and centers body and mind, helps relax the diaphragm and fosters a sense of security for verbal expression.
  • Five Corners, the remedy for self-esteem, which is supported on all occasions of creative and verbal expression, favoring the expression of oneself and one’s ideas, thoughts and opinions.
  • Flannel Flower in this compound helps to soften language and words, promoting good communication with others and the freedom to express oneself to others in a balanced way.
  • Red Grevillea expresses its action on the balance of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) allowing a verbal fluidity that favors courage and independence in expression. It also helps in case of bruxism (teeth grinding), use of bites and other appliances for teeth and mouth, improves mouth opening and jaw movement. 
  • Tall Mulla Mulla improves the communication and expression of what we think, even in dissent, by taking responsibility for what I say or do not say. 
  • Turkey Bush is the flower of creative expression, which helps to tune in and thus to express one’s creativity. The flower when closed gives the idea of ​​a brush, a tool of creativity. Ideal for the creative block of artists and writers, and also for lack of ideas in writing assignments and theses, for example. By creativity we mean not only the artistic one, but also the physical one, such as conception and fertility. 

Fluent expression usage tips

Drops : 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep.

It can be indicated as an aid in case of stuttering, speech impediment, for oral exams and questions, for the thesis or work report, to which you can add Emergency for fear or Stress Stop for anxiety.

Supportive in speech therapy therapies, for children who are slow to speak, for the most shy, and to improve the voice, tone and fluency, as well as for lack of voice. 

Australian Flower Essence

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