Fucus mother tincture: preparation, properties, benefits and use

Fucus mother tincture is obtained from brown seaweed, has a laxative action and is useful for promoting thyroid function. Let’s find out better.

Properties of fucus mother tincture

The thallus of the brown alga Fucus vesiculosus, also called sea oak, contains mucopolysaccharides (among which alginic acid, fucoidan and laminarine stands out), polyphenolsvitamins (especially B1, C, E), polyphenolstannins, sterols, vegetable pigments (fucoxanthin, beta-carotene) mineral salts (iodine, bromine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron).

The main property of fucus mother tincture is related to the stimulation of the basal metabolism, due to the presence of iodine (at least 0.04%), both in protein and inorganic form.

Its hydroalcoholic extract therefore promotes thyroid function in case of hypothyroidism, and is used as a slimming remedy (excellent starter in diets to reduce overweight) in case of obesity, slow metabolism and constipation, as it also has a secondary laxative and antirheumatic action.

Description of the plant

The fucus is a 30-40 cm brown alga. typical of cold sea beds, it is common in the British islands and in the Atlantic islands of America and northern Europe, it also grows along the rocky coasts of Morocco, reproducing only by fragmentation.

It has a branched shape with lobes that recall the shape of the leaves of an oak and with the characteristic swollen vesicles of air that serve to support the plant in order to avoid its flattening on the bottom.

How to prepare the mother tincture of Fucus

The “drug” (part used) corresponds to the thallus, harvested, in the genus from the second year of age from May to the end of summerFresh seaweed is used, as it loses most of its properties when dried.

The mother tincture of fucus is prepared with a drug: solvent weight ratio of 1:10 and an alcohol content of 65% vol


The mother tinctures have no contraindications other than those of the plant itself, diluted in a little water they can be administered to everyone, the alcohol contained in them is thus diluted, so it is harmless. Due to the high iodine content it should not be taken in the evening and for long periods (max 60 days). 

It should not be used in patients with thyroid disease or hyperthyroidism, or who take thyroxine, because when combined, it can cause tremors, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia and arterial hypertension. 

Internal use: 40 drops in a little water three times a day before meals.

The mother tincture of fucus is also used for dogs in case of overweight.

Mother tinctures

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