Headache : homeopathic natural remedies

The headache is a pain in the head which may be of vascular origin, nerve or muscle tension. Homeopathic remedies treat the symptoms when there is the acute phase, but also act as prevention of recurrence of the disorder. Let’s find out better how to cure it.

Causes and symptoms of headache

Head pain, very common, the causes of which may be unknown (essential headache) or attributable to general or specific pathologies of the anatomical structures of the head both intra and extracranial.

Although the causes of headache are many, it is nevertheless possible that at the basis of them there is a common mechanism, consisting in a hypersensitivity of the peripheral and central receptors to mediators of the nerve impulse, also active on the walls of the vessels. From this it would derive that both headaches of vascular origin, due to vasospasm and subsequent dilation, and neuralgic ones, can be traced back to the same functional cause. In this section we will deal essentially with two of the most common forms of headache, namely muscle tension and vasomotor headache.

Muscle-tension headache, also called engraving or posterior headache, due to its mode of presentation and the typical initial localization – occipital – originates from excessive tension of the muscles of the face and neck often triggered by situations of stress, tension and, among atmospheric changes, in particular a cold-humid climate. In subjects who are affected, there is often a typical verticalization of the cervical tract of the vertebral column.

The vasomotor headache, called instead frontotemporal or anterior, due to its prevalent localization, manifests itself with painful and violent crises sometimes preceded by premonitory symptoms (aura) and very often accompanied by digestive symptoms. The most common of these, with general localization to one hemiface, is migraine .

Traditional medicine treats these two types of headache in a different but often almost exclusively symptomatic way, although it makes the muscular-tension form fall into anxious-depressive syndromes, which therefore seem to benefit from taking direct drugs rather than relieving pain. of mood.

In migraine, on the other hand, in addition to powerful vasoconstrictor drugs, attention is also paid to dietary, behavioral and hormonal circumstances that seem to favor the onset of crises, in order to precede them, or to intervene, in any case, as early as possible.

Homeopathic remedies for headache

Once again, homeopathic treatments have a double purpose, namely to intervene in the acute way to quickly and well mitigate the unpleasant symptoms of headache, with remedies that, as always, will take into account above all the circumstances in which crises occur more easily ( exposure to cold wind, drafts, humidity and wet hair; states of irritability, sorrow and frustration; excessive libations or characterized in quantities by foods that can promote the origin of disturbances; psychic and / or physical overmenage, loss of sleep , local traumas, or efforts that have burdened the area, etc.) thus succeeding, already starting from these states, to carry out a causal or etiological therapy which, precisely for these reasons, will soon prove to be decisive.

But even more, and even better, homeopathy provides the best services in preventing the recurrence of ailments, precisely because it is able to carry out a very thorough and unitary study of the person, which will allow to verify the overall conditions – of the whole that is, an organism – capable of favoring the continuous recurrence of disturbances.

Furthermore, the advantage of homeopathic treatments will also be that, unlike traditional ones, mostly only symptomatic, always trying to act on the possible causes of the disorders (triggering circumstances, or overall predisposing conditions) will not be burdened by that rebound phenomenon ( rebound) which occurs upon the suspension of any simple symptomatic, and which in these cases will therefore favor the recurrence of symptoms.

Among the homeopathic remedies most often used in acute, we remember in addition to the always valid Belladonna (throbbing headache aggravated by light, noise and movement), Nux vomica in those cases caused by excessive libations or excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, as well as, however, exposure to cold wind.

Dulcamara, the main remedy for all ailments caused by exposure to wet weather; Rhus tox for the consequences related to excessive fatigue of the part and Arnica, on the other hand, as a remedy for trauma , even dated, of the cervical region; Finally, Actea racemosa is often indicated in crises that are related to women’s menstruation, and in particular that are accentuated with increasing flow, unlike Lachesis in which the crises, on the other hand, in the same circumstances, are attenuated. 


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