Homeopathic help for post-viral fatigue

After an infectious disease such as influenza, a severe cold, glandular fever or corona infection, symptoms can remain and cause those affected to struggle for weeks and months. Which homeopathic medicines can help with post-viral fatigue.

The fever is gone, sore throat and headache have subsided and the acute infection seems to be over. Nevertheless, you still feel weak or tired after a short time and just can’t get back on your feet. “After a viral or bacterial infection, the body needs enough time to heal completely,”. “Even if the fever and the main symptoms have disappeared, the patient is – contrary to what many think – not automatically healthy again.”

Post-Viral Fatigue: Some recover more slowly

Depending on the initial disease, signs that the body is still in the healing process can be, for example, a slight persistent scratchy throat, frequent coughing or the urge to constantly clear your throat. In addition, fatigue, poor circulation, concentration problems and rapid exhaustion often remain. “Typical are also heavy night sweats and foul-smelling body excretions, for example urine, menstrual blood and discharge,”. “The body tries to get rid of harmful substances and detoxify itself through elimination measures.”

Take residual symptoms of post-viral fatigue seriously

“It’s not uncommon for these symptoms to be ignored and full load driven again soon after the fever has gone,”. “Anyone who takes on too much, even though he’s not quite healthy yet, is risking a lot.” It is popularly said that if an infection hasn’t completely healed, it hits inwards. “And it is actually the case that, for example, tonsillitis or bronchitis that has not healed can attack the heart muscle or cause kidney inflammation,”. “In particular, athletes who train again too early are at increased risk.”

Post-viral exhaustion: homeopathy supports self-healing process

It is therefore important, especially after an infection, to pay attention to the body’s signals and to take it easy if there are any remaining symptoms. “Make sure you get enough sleep, sufficient fluid intake in the form of still water or sugar-free tea, for example green tea, and moderate exercise if possible in the fresh air,”. “Homeopathic medicines can also be taken to support the body’s self-healing process.”

Homeopathic medicines for post-viral fatigue

The following homeopathic medicines are particularly suitable for the treatment of post-viral exhaustion:

  • Gelsemium for fatigue, fatigue, sweating: “Gelsemium sempervirens is a homeopathic classic for post-viral exhaustion and all signs of weakness,”. “Yellow jasmine is especially helpful when you feel like you can’t get going again after surviving an infection and you feel tired, dull, sweaty and listless for a long time.” 
  • Luffa and magnesium fluoraticum after respiratory diseases: “If, after a respiratory disease, the nose is still slightly blocked, you cough or clear your throat often, loofah is the right remedy to stimulate the self-healing powers,” emphasizes the homeopathy expert. “However, if mucus is also secreted when coughing up, Magnesium fluoraticum is the more suitable medication.”
  • China in case of exhaustion after loss of body fluids: After stomach or intestinal diseases with diarrhea and vomiting or the loss of body fluids through heavy sweating or bleeding, sick people often feel very exhausted and weak for a long time, even after the original symptoms have subsided.
  • Phytolacca after tonsillitis: “Especially after an infection with the Eppstein-Barr virus – better known as glandular fever – and after surviving tonsillitis, the glandular remedy Phytolacca is particularly helpful to allow the infection to heal,”.
  • Acidum phosphoricum for mental and physical exhaustion: “If fatigue and lack of performance occur together with a depressed mood and the patient feels mentally “down”, the administration of Acidum phosphoricum has also proven itself,”.
  • Helleborus niger in states of confusion: After feverish infectious diseases, there may also be temporary weaknesses in concentration and memory disorders. The Christmas rose has a particular effect on the central nervous system and the brain and can therefore have a regulating effect here.
  • Okoubaka and Sulfur after antibiotic treatment: If the bacterial infection is severe, antibiotic treatment may sometimes be necessary. Complete healing is then often delayed, since the administration of antibiotics not only damages the harmful and disease-causing germs, but also the useful and helpful bacteria in the intestinal flora. This in turn weakens the body’s immune system. “I therefore recommend taking Okoubaka while you are taking antibiotics and for about three weeks afterwards,”. “Because this classic homeopathic detoxification agent helps to protect and rebuild the intestinal flora.” In case of weakness after antibiotics, especially if diarrhea and skin rashes also occur.
  • Homeopathy in Post-Covid: Post- viral fatigue can also occur after infection with the coronavirus. One then speaks of the so-called post-covid and long-covid syndrome. Typical of this are, among other things, permanent poor performance, breathing difficulties and non-specific heart problems. “Here it is important to always have a detailed medical diagnosis carried out so that nothing is overlooked,” explains the doctor and homeopath. “For the right homeopathic treatment, the symptoms that occur should then be precisely determined and the appropriate medicines selected with this information.”

Homeopathy for post-viral fatigue: Typical potencies and their dosage

For self-treatment, low potencies of 3X to 12X are commonly used. However, choosing the right homeopathic medicine is not always easy. Therefore, advice from well-trained health and homeopathic experts is advisable in order to find the individually suitable remedy and the right medical treatment.


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