Homeopathic medicines to prevent and treat motion sickness

July and August, months of heat, sun, holidays, travel and…  motion sickness, a medical term which indicates one of the most annoying and widespread problems during the summer: the classic “car sickness”.
In reality, this disorder does not only concern travel by car but all kinds of travel including those by ship or plane: the term “motion sickness” derives from the Greek “κινητός,” mobile “. Sufferers are particularly sensitive to movements of the body, whether they are rhythmic or irregular.

Typical situations of those who are traveling, struggling with the curves of road routes, with the swaying of a ship or with changes in altitude on the plane.

The symptoms of motion sickness are evident and easily recognizable: nausea, pallor, vomiting and intense sweating, which is accompanied by a state of general malaise capable of transforming any trip into a real nightmare.

To find quick relief, or in the preventive phase, the use of homeopathic medicines can prove to be a precious help.

The homeopathic kit for travel

For those suffering from claustrophobia on means of transport:

Argentum nitricum 30 CH , 5 granules before leaving and during the journey.

In case of seasickness:

Borax 5 CH , 5 granules at the onset of the first symptoms.

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