Homeopathic medicines useful for treating diaper rash

Soft, velvety, all to cuddle, but also very delicate: this is the description of the skin of the little ones. Through the skin, the baby comes into contact for the first time with the outside world and, thanks to the sense of touch, can recognize the mother. However, not everyone knows that a newborn’s skin is about twenty times thinner than that of an adult and therefore requires special attention. It should therefore be well protected, especially in the nappy area, which is particularly delicate. In addition to some simple daily advice, it may be useful to resort to homeopathy, which proves to be a valid therapeutic opportunity to prevent and treat possible irritations.

What is diaper rash

It is a type of contact dermatitis that can affect many children under the age of two. Recognizing the disorder is not difficult: the skin is reddened in the diaper area, on the buttocks and genitals. In some cases, the redness may increase and present with rashes that tend to occur in different areas. Among the causes, in addition to prolonged contact with urine and feces, the rubbing action caused by the diaper on the thighs and the use of aggressive detergents.

Why homeopathy can prove useful

Many mothers ask for an opinion on the most suitable treatments in case of diaper rash: based on my experience I usually recommend a homeopathic approach. Homeopathic treatment involves evaluating the relationships of the pathology in progress with family / genetic predispositions, that is, in this case, the presence of allergies; the concomitance of the two situations is an indication both to monitor the dermatological trend during the growth of the baby, and to prepare an adequate diet especially during weaning.

Homeopathic medicines also prove to be a valid solution, as they do not present in general chemical toxicity, contraindications, drug interactions and undesirable effects related to the amount of product taken. Finally, they allow the concomitant use of other drug therapies when necessary.

An example of homeopathic therapy

  • Viola tricolor 5 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day, if the child is subject to recurrent dermatitis.
  • Belladonna 5 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day in case of particular redness.
  • Graphites 5 CH, 3 granules 4 times a day in case of localized erythema in the
    skin folds with dry and cracked skin.
  • Urtica 5 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day when itching is present.¬†This remedy can also
    be associated with the previous ones.

For an adequate administration to small children, the homeopathic granules can be dissolved in a little water. To speed up the healing process and avoid complications.

Finally, some useful tips for daily hygiene:

  • cleanse the skin with warm water;
  • for cleaning use non-foaming products;
  • avoid alcohol-based wipes;
  • change the diaper often and preferably choose super absorbent variants;
  • in case of diaper rash it is important to let the area affected by the irritation breathe as much as possible, to prevent it from developing into candidiasis (fungal infection).


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