Homeopathy: Effective remedies for hemorrhoids

Nobody likes to talk openly about it, but enlarged hemorrhoids are a widespread nuisance: every second adult over the age of 30 suffers the typical symptoms at least temporarily. With these homeopathic medicines you can get to the bottom of the ailment.

Basically everyone has hemorrhoids. The vascular pads are located in the rectum and serve to seal the anal canal finely, supporting the sphincter. However, increased pressure on these pads (obesity, frequent diarrhoea, heavy straining in the case of chronic constipation or childbirth) can cause them to swell, enlarge and protrude when straining.

Homeopathic medicine against symptoms of hemorrhoids

Homeopathic medicines such as witch hazel or sulfur can help control the symptoms of enlarged hemorrhoids. Depending on the stage – there are four degrees of severity – those affected suffer from bleeding, itching, weeping or inflamed and therefore painful vascular cushions. If the hemorrhoidal disease is already advanced, it can also cause incontinence in those affected.

Supportive treatment with homeopathy possible

Only in severe cases do enlarged hemorrhoids require surgical treatment. Up to stage three, they can usually be treated well with conservative means. It is important to change your diet towards a healthy, high-fiber diet with sufficient fluid intake and plenty of exercise to promote regular and optimized bowel movements.

In addition, homeopathic medicines in the form of ointments, tablets, drops and can also be used to relieve the unpleasant accompanying symptoms such as itching, burning and bleeding in the anal area. It is important to always have the diagnosis made by a doctor in the event of symptoms. Because pain and bleeding in the anal area can also be due to other more serious causes, such as tumors or anal fistula. These must be ruled out in advance.

Five homeopathic active ingredients against hemorrhoids

Extended hemorrhoids are usually treated according to the symptoms that occur. A number of different homeopathic medicines can therefore be considered for homeopathic treatment.

  • Collinsonia Canadensis: The Canadian semolina root is considered an important homeopathic medicine for the treatment of constipation. It also helps with bleeding and itchy hemorrhoids that cause stabbing pains comparable to splinters in the rectum.  
  • Aesculus: The homeopathic medicine from the horse chestnut shows its main effect in the area of ​​the venous vascular system and is therefore also a proven remedy for hemorrhoids. Aesculus is primarily the drug of choice when the patient shows weak connective tissue with varicose veins, spider veins and swollen legs.
  • Hamamelis Virginia: for pathologically altered, dark red to bluish and often bleeding haemorrhoids that cause burning pain after defecation. The anus is often sore and very sensitive.
  • Paeonia officinalis: The peony helps with external hemorrhoids, which hurt, itch and burn, especially after defecation, when touched or when cleaning. In addition, there is often a tendency to anal fissures and ulcers.
  • Sulfur: When the enlarged hemorrhoids are the result of venous congestion that can occur throughout the body, Sulfur is the right remedy. The anal region and all other body openings are usually red here. Constipation alternates with diarrhea. Sulfur can also be used as a support after hemorrhoid surgery and sclerotherapy.


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