Homeopathy for Children: a safe and effective method of treatment and prevention

What is homeopathy

Homeopathy is a method of treatment and prevention developed by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (Meissen 1755-Paris 1843) in the early nineteenth century. The fundamental principle is the law of similitude (similia similibus curantur): from the experiments carried out, Hahnemann deduced that any disease can be cured using in very small doses the substance that, repeatedly administered to a healthy individual at high doses, has been able to cause symptoms similar to those to be treated.

The substances commonly used for therapeutic purposes come from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom after being subjected to particular processes of dilution and dynamization through shaking, which have the purpose of eliminating their toxic properties while preserving the therapeutic ones.
Homeopathy is proposed as holistic medicine, it takes into account the human being in his totality of psyche and body, trying to eliminate the general imbalance of the person who led to the state of illness.

Why use homeopathic therapy in children

In children, homeopathic therapy allows to obtain very good results and is now used daily by many pediatricians. The absence of side effects and the ease of administration make this therapy very often preferred to others for the treatment of very common symptoms in the first years of life such as fever and cough or for the prevention and treatment of common pathologies such as colds, diarrhea, flu.

Experienced doctors also use homeopathy for the treatment of recurrent or chronic diseases such as dermatoses and allergies.

How homeopathic remedies are given to children

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured following the rules of correct manufacture of the drug for the production of all medicines.

It is therefore very important, appropriate and convenient that parents have clearly written down the situations and methods in which the remedies must be taken so that they can be correctly used for their children in non-serious situations that do not require mandatory medical advice.

For reasons of hygiene, and as with any other medicine, it is preferable to avoid touching the granules and homeopathic globules with your fingers. Some companies provide the tubes that act as containers of a granule counter designed to facilitate their intake.

For young children it is advisable to dissolve a certain number of granules in plain water and administer the dilution with a plastic (not metal) teaspoon. If you are dealing with older children, the granules and globules should be placed in the mouth, preferably under the tongue and left to dissolve slowly since the absorption of homeopathic remedies is perlingual.

It is advisable to avoid taking the homeopathic remedy immediately after eating candy or using mint toothpastes because they could alter the absorption of the medicine.


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