Homeopathy for children: Frequently Asked Questions

There are those who compare it to grandmother’s remedies, those who repudiate it, those who are skeptical and those who just can’t do without it. Homeopathy has always divided, a little for conviction, a lot for little information. If more and more mothers embrace homeopathy to treat their children, however, it means that something in this sense is changing for the positive. However, the characteristics of this therapy are not always clear and often prejudices remain or false myths are created.
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked and “thorny” questions.

1) When we talk about homeopathy is it right to talk about remedies or alternative treatments?

Homeopaths are medicinal products in all respects. It is therefore wrong to define them as “remedies”, a term that leads one to think of a content that is not perfectly known and it is not known how homeopathy is considered an “alternative” medicine. There is only one medicine and homeopathy is simply a therapy that uses a category of drugs. The important thing is that the drug works and does not create problems, not that it is allopathic or homeopathic.

2) Are homeopathy and phytotherapy the same thing?

We often hear about natural remedies almost as if they were a synonym for homeopathic medicines. This is a mistake, because not everything that is not allopathic is homeopathy. Phytotherapy, for example, is a therapeutic method that uses only substances of plant origin, unlike homeopathic medicines that make use of substances also belonging to the animal and mineral world.

 3) Is it true that homeopathy only works against the flu?

No, just think of the use of homeopathic medicines in the prevention or treatment of serious diseases such as chronic respiratory or skin allergic forms, up to the secondary effects of oncological therapies. Homeopathic medicines are an excellent support in this regard.

4) It is often said that homeopathic medicines are slow in acting. How long does it take for a homeopathic medicine to take effect?

It depends a lot on the health problem considered, there is no precise time. The slowness of the time of action of homeopathic medicines is another commonplace that we often hear. It is normal that if we consider an acute symptom the action is rapid and we can even speak of minutes, while in the case of chronic diseases, where it is right to remember that a visit to a doctor expert in homeopathy is necessary, the treatment is necessarily longer. .

 5) Can homeopathic medicines be given to children?

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured following the good manufacturing practices of the drug as for any drug. They do not have any chemical toxicity, contraindications or side effects, and can therefore be administered to children, adults, the elderly or even in conjunction with other therapies. Children are the ones who respond best to homeopathic treatments, as their immune system is maturing and is less ‘polluted’ by other therapies. Moms can rest assured.


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