Homeopathy for fertility treatment

Are you trying to get pregnant, but your dream of having your own child doesn’t want to come true? If a cycle that has got out of step or stress is the cause, homeopathic medicines can sometimes help to fulfill the desire to have children naturally.

In the case of menstrual disorders or hormonal fluctuations in particular, homeopathic remedies offer a natural approach to increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Homeopathic active ingredients in the desire to have children

Various homeopathic medicines can help you get back to a regular menstrual cycle. Depending on the findings and always in consultation with a doctor or naturopath, the following homeopathic active ingredients are possible:

  • Agnus castus (chaste tree): for irregular menstrual cycles due to yellow body weakness and low libido
  • Argentum metallicum: in the case of impaired ovarian function
  • Borax: against low libido
  • Cuprum metallicum: against cycle fluctuations
  • Eupatorium purpureum (Purple Dost): against irregular cycle
  • Jodum (iodine): against irregular menstrual cycle
  • Sepia: against irregular cycle
  • Mercurius solubilis: with a tendency to miscarriage

Homeopathy: Opportunities and limits in the desire to have children

Although there are low-potency homeopathic remedies suitable for self-treatment that can be bought, a homeopathically trained doctor, non-medical practitioner or pharmacist should always be consulted before starting therapy. Advice from an expert is important because the administration of homeopathic medicines is not only based on symptoms, but also on the nature and lifestyle of the patient. High potencies, on the other hand, should only be prescribed by experienced therapists and should not be taken as part of self-medication. The effects of high-potency preparations are stronger and longer-lasting than with low potencies and are primarily used for long-term illnesses.

The principle of homeopathic single and complex remedies to activate the body’s self-healing powers has its limits, especially with regard to an unfulfilled desire to have children: In such a case, the causes should first of all be clarified by a specialist.

In the case of serious problems such as ovaries sticking together due to inflammation in women or a blocked vas deferens in men, homeopathic treatment alone is not promising. However, homeopathic medicines can supplement any conventional treatment.

Unfulfilled desire to have children – what are the causes?

There can be many causes behind an unfulfilled desire to have children – every affected couple should first realize that the reasons for infertility can be shared equally between men and women.

In women, the fallopian tubes are sometimes blocked due to chronic inflammation, inflammation of the ovaries, tumors or muscle knots in the uterus, underdeveloped sex organs or an unusual anatomy may prevent the desire to have children from being fulfilled. In addition, a hormonal balance that has gotten out of step due to stress and other psychological (continuous) burdens can disrupt the menstrual cycle.

Physical or hormonal causes may also stand in the way of a man’s desire to have children: an insufficient number of sperm cells, a congenital malformation, injury or inflammation of the testicles, epididymis, prostate or urethra as well as hormonal disorders due to a thyroid disease are conceivable.


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