Homeopathy for Herpes

Many people use homeopathic globules for herpes, such as cold sores. The painful, small skin blisters can appear again and again as soon as you have been infected with the pathogen (herpes virus). Read more about which globules can help against herpes!

When is homeopathy suitable for herpes?

Herpes is caused by two different viruses: herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2). HSV1 mainly causes the “cold sore” (herpes labialis). A herpes disease of the genitals (herpes genitalis), on the other hand, is usually caused by an infection with HSV2. There are also other herpes viruses that cause diseases. These include the herpes zoster virus, which is responsible for chickenpox and shingles.

After infection, herpes viruses remain in the body for life and can be reactivated by certain circumstances such as colds or other infections. That is why some people suffer from herpes repeatedly.

You can use homeopathic remedies for all herpes infections – in mild cases as sole therapy, in severe cases as an accompaniment to conventional medical treatment.

In the case of an acute herpes infection such as cold sores, you can select and take the herpes globules independently. But if you keep suffering from herpes, you should be treated by an experienced homeopath.

Important resources at a glance

There are different globules for the treatment of skin complaints. Herpes can have very different manifestations that require different homeopathic remedies. When choosing the right herpes globules, the following factors play a role:

  • Where on the body does herpes appear?
  • What caused the disease?
  • What are the skin signs?
  • Is there pain? If so, how do they feel (burning, stinging, etc.)?
  • Do the blisters secrete a liquid? If so: what does this look like?
  • Is there anything that can relieve the symptoms? Is there something making it worse? (cold, scratching etc.)
  • Are there any peculiarities that accompany the herpes infection?

In the following list you will find the most common acute remedies of herpes homeopathy and when you can use them:


  • especially with shingles
  • with burning and stabbing pains
  • with severe swelling
  • with large blisters, sometimes confluent
  • if the symptoms occur particularly in cold weather
  • when the skin lesions sometimes become ulcerated

Arsenicum album

  • especially for cold sores and shingles
  • if the symptoms often occur in connection with a more serious underlying disease
  • with strong burning
  • when the blisters dry up quickly
  • if the blisters of shingles quickly turn black
  • if the patient is very bad with herpes zoster
  • when the skin becomes rough and peels off like flour
  • if symptoms worsen between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. at night
  • if improved by hot applications


  • especially for cold sores and genital herpes
  • if the symptoms are often triggered by a cold or a change in the weather
  • for complaints as a result of a cold bath
  • if the symptoms often begin before menstruation
  • with yellowish blisters
  • when vesicles spread in dense clusters
  • when blisters burst, become crusted and moist
  • if the cold makes the symptoms worse


  • especially with cold sores
  • for burning and itchy blisters
  • if cracks form at the transition from skin to mucous membrane
  • with weeping rash with honey-like discharge

Hepar sulfuris

  • especially with cold sores
  • with splintering, stabbing pains
  • with a tendency to suppuration


  • especially with shingles
  • for very sensitive skin
  • if the blisters are bluish or blue-black
  • if there are blood-filled blisters
  • if the symptoms are aggravated by scratching
  • when the patient is very bad


  • especially with shingles
  • well suited for children with cold sores
  • with stabbing, burning pain
  • with watery filling of the vesicles
  • when the blisters quickly become yellowish, purulent, spread and crust, especially in the case of shingles
  • with fever

Natrum muriaticum

  • especially for cold sores and genital herpes
  • well suited for children with cold sores
  • for extremely dry lips
  • when thirsty
  • if the complaints often come after a motional load
  • for clear, itchy, painful blisters
  • in case of deterioration at sea
  • when the triggers are sun exposure, heat, overheating, eating seafood

Rhus toxicodendron

  • especially with cold sores in the course of a feverish cold
  • for complaints related to gastrointestinal infections or diarrhea
  • well suited for children with cold sores
  • for dry and chapped lips
  • when the patient is not sleeping well


  • especially for cold sores and genital herpes
  • if the herpes blisters are ring-shaped
  • if the symptoms occur more frequently during or before the period, after eating fish and in winter
  • if the symptoms occur during phases of hormonal changes


  • especially for cold sores and genital herpes
  • if blisters often appear simultaneously in the mouth, on the edge of the tongue, under the tongue or on the back of the throat
  • for unpleasantly smelling sweat in the genital region

Correct dosage

If you want to use homeopathy for herpes independently, use low potencies such as 6X or 12X. You can take three globules of herpes globules of the potency D6 every hour if necessary, but a maximum of ten times a day.

Always let the small sugar globules slowly melt under your tongue. If you use herpes globules of the potency D12, you can take three globules five to six times a day. The following applies to both potencies: Continue the homeopathic treatment until the skin symptoms become weaker.

Higher potencies such as 30C, 200C or 1000C are used for very severe and complicated herpes diseases. They are also recommended for recurring herpes. However, homeopathic treatment with such high potencies is not suitable for self-treatment: Only use such remedies on the prescription of a trained therapist. He must closely monitor the course of treatment.

When to the doctor?

Simple cold sores rarely require medical treatment. However, if fever and pus formation occur, you should consult a doctor.

In the case of herpes infections in the area of ​​the eyes, ears and genitals, a medical examination is recommended before taking the herpes globules. In these cases, herpes homeopathy is usually only advisable as an accompanying measure to conventional medical treatment. The treatment of shingles with globules against herpes should only be done after a medical examination.


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