Homeopathy for mental health problems

Stressed, irritable or depressed? Homeopathic remedies for psychological complaints can make you more balanced and stabilize the psyche: Which remedies are used when.

Many people today are plagued by grief, worry and stress. If there is only an occasional irritated mood, problems falling asleep or staying asleep or stress, this is completely normal. However, if they become permanent and relationships and performance at work suffer, there is a need for action. Homeopathic active ingredients such as oats, valerian or passion flower can then be used.

Treat sleep disorders with active ingredients from nature

Problems falling asleep, sleeping through the night, tired during the day and not rested: more than half of all sleep disorders are precursors or accompanying symptoms of psychiatric illnesses. People with depression are particularly affected. In the case of severe sleep disorders, the following therefore applies: Off to the doctor, if the psychological strain is very great and life is severely impaired by constant tiredness during the day and restless sleep or lying awake at night.

Mild forms of sleep disorders can be treated homeopathically:

  • Aconite napellus
  • Argentum nitricum
  • Cimicifuga
  • Chamomilla
  • cocculus
  • coffee
  • Ignatia
  • Nux vomica
  • sepia
  • Staphysagria
  • zincum

Pasqueflower against mood swings

A wrong word from a colleague or partner and you’re already at 180? Mood swings not only cause problems for those around you, but also for those affected. They often regret the outburst of anger the very next moment and cannot really explain it.

For more balance, there are the following active ingredients from nature:

  • Antimonium crudum
  • lachesis
  • Pulsatilla (pasqueflower)
  • Silicea (silicic acid)

Active ingredients from nature against lovesickness, homesickness, worries and depressive moods

No longer interested in things that used to be fun, constantly depressed and listless: If such a phase lasts longer than two weeks, this can indicate depression. Then the path should lead to a doctor or psychotherapist.

However, a serious illness does not always have to be behind a bad mood: Almost everyone feels depressed and melancholy at times. This reaction is quite natural after drastic experiences such as a breakup or the death of a close relative. The experience needs time to be processed. Homeopathic remedies can be used to help with homesickness and lovesickness. They are designed to help you overcome grief, embrace change, and find your way back into everyday life. These include:

  • Acidum phosphoricum for lovesickness
  • Ambergris for professional worries
  • Argentum nitricum
  • Causticum Hahnemanni
  • Capsicum: for homesickness and the pain of separation
  • Ignatia for homesickness and the pain of separation
  • sodium chlorate
  • Phosphorus
  • sepia
  • Staphysagria

Homeopathy for stress and nervousness

Go shopping shortly after work, drive your son to training and organize a big birthday party at the same time: everyday life is often jam-packed with activities. In the evening you fall exhausted onto the sofa or straight into bed. If you have more negative than positive stress, it can have an effect on your body: irritated mood, exhaustion and nervousness.

The following remedies are recommended for stress and the associated irritated mood:

  • Acidum nitricum
  • Aurum metallicum
  • Bryonia (Bryngo)
  • Chamomilla (True Chamomile)
  • cocculus
  • colocynth
  • sodium chlorate
  • Nux vomica (Night nut)
  • Stramonium
  • Zincum metallicum (zinc)

Stressful times are often accompanied by nervous restlessness and states of exhaustion. On the other hand, homeopaths recommend:

  • Phosphoric acid
  • Avena sativa (oats)
  • cocculus
  • Helonias dioica
  • Ignatia (Ignatius Bean)
  • Potassium Bromatum
  • Passiflora incarnata (passion flower)
  • Piper methysticum (kava kava or intoxicating pepper)
  • sepia
  • Zincum isovalerianicum

What helps against stage fright and nervousness?

The heart is pounding, the hands are clammy, the fear of failure is growing: Shortly before the exam or a lecture, many people get nervous and stage fright. In order to get this or test anxiety under control, homeopaths recommend the following active ingredients:

  • Anacardium
  • Argentum nitricum
  • Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine)
  • Silicea
  • strophanthus

Homeopathic remedies for sexual reluctance

The following active ingredients from nature can offer gentle help from nature against sexual aversion and loss of libido:

  • Acidum picrinicum
  • damiana 
  • Ferrum metallicum
  • ginseng
  • Strychnium phosphoricum
  • Yohimbinum hydrochloricum (Yohimbe tree)

Medication for menopausal symptoms

During the menopause, many women struggle with symptoms such as inner restlessness, hot flashes, depressive moods and low spirits. The following active ingredients can help:

  • Cimicifuga (Black Cohosh)
  • Ignatia (Ignatius Bean)
  • sodium chlorate
  • Sanguinaria (Canadian Bloodroot)
  • Sepia (squid)

Homeopathic active ingredients against improper diet

It is not just young women who suffer from an eating disorder: it can also affect men and older women. Anorexia, bulimia or binge eating syndrome are serious psychosomatic illnesses that require psychological treatment. The following active ingredients can be tried against slight abnormalities such as frequent ravenous hunger, messing up food or constant eating of sweets:

  • Antimonium crudum (when eating mixed up)
  • Calcium carbonicum (if you feel hungry all the time)
  • Graphites (for cravings)
  • Lycopodium (for constant snacking)


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