Homeopathy for Nausea

There are many ways for the use of homeopathy. Nausea is one of them. Gastrointestinal infections or spoiled food are usually behind it. But globules such as Nux vomica and Arsenicum album can also relieve the symptoms of travel sickness and morning sickness. Read here which homeopathic remedies can help with nausea and what you should consider when using them.

When is homeopathy suitable for nausea?

In many cases, homeopathy can combat nausea and vomiting. Globules act against nausea in the context of a gastrointestinal infection, food poisoning or if you have eaten too much and too greasy. Even after too much alcohol, homeopathic remedies relieve nausea.

Two other areas of application: travel sickness and morning sickness. Globules are one of the few ways to take action against evil spirits during pregnancy without exposing the unborn child to chemical substances.

But homeopathy does not make sense in all cases. If the trigger for the nausea is, for example, side effects of medication, problems with the vestibular system and the cervical spine, or if it is a side effect of an internal disease, you should not rely solely on homeopathic remedies – medical help is appropriate.

Important resources at a glance

In the following list you can see which globules work against nausea in gastrointestinal infections, travel sickness and morning sickness and in which cases they should be used.

Arsenicum album

  • particularly effective in gastrointestinal infections
  • if diarrhea and vomiting occur
  • in case of nausea after cold drinks or ice cream
  • in case of food poisoning, especially from meat, fish and mushrooms


  • for nausea and a queasy feeling in the stomach
  • with disgust at all foods
  • if your head is sweaty too
  • with additional vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea

Nux vomica

  • in case of nausea caused by eating too much, too fatty food or too much alcohol
  • for nausea caused by too much work, too little sleep or stress
  • if the nausea is relieved by vomiting


  • with a feeling of emptiness in the stomach
  • with great physical weakness
  • when thirsty for cold water, which is vomited up again after five minutes
  • with diarrhea


  • especially with gastrointestinal infections
  • for nausea, choking, vomiting
  • when the symptoms get worse after each meal


  • with severe nausea
  • with additional cold sweat on the forehead
  • with a queasy feeling in the stomach

Veratrum album

  • simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea
  • with a tendency to faint
  • when craving cold water

Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness


  • if you feel sick from smelling food or thinking about food
  • if appetite is unaffected by nausea

Natrum muriaticum

  • especially in pregnant women with grief, worry and disappointment

Nux vomica

  • if the nausea is caused by eating too much or too much fat
  • if the nausea is made worse by lack of sleep or emotional stress
  • if the nausea is relieved by vomiting


  • especially in very anxious pregnant women


  • with rapid changes in emotions
  • if nausea worsens in warm rooms
  • if the nausea improves in the fresh air
  • if one is sensitive to overeating, fat, bread, milk and fruit


  • for nausea caused by the smell of food
  • with aversion to meat and milk
  • if the nausea is relieved by eating
  • if the nausea is relieved by exercise in the open air

Homeopathic remedies for motion sickness


  • in case of nausea caused by external movement (rocking, driving or swaying)
  • if the nausea is made worse by the smell of food

Nux vomica

  • if a sumptuous meal with a lot of alcohol was consumed before the trip
  • if the person is very irritable


  • when the nausea comes on very quickly, but goes away just as quickly
  • if chewing gum and constant eating improves nausea


  • if the nausea is aggravated by the smell of food
  • if nausea improves with exercise in the fresh air

correct dosage

If you use globules for nausea, you should use low potencies. The potencies D6 or C6 as well as the potency D12 are very well suited to taking the globules against nausea more often. Place three globules under your tongue and let them melt. With the potencies D6 or C6, you can repeat this every half hour, for example, in the case of travel sickness.

Overall, however, you should not take a homeopathic remedy for nausea more than six to eight times a day. If you use globules of the potency D12 for nausea, you should not take them more than four times a day. Pregnant women can also take this dosage in acute cases, there are no side effects from homeopathy. Morning sickness that lasts longer should be treated by a homeopath who will then use higher potencies of the globules for nausea.

Children can also help very well with nausea globules. The same dosage suggestions apply as for adults. However, you should not give children the anti-nausea globules more than six times a day.

When to the doctor?

Very severe nausea that lasts for days should always be clarified by a doctor, because a wide variety of diseases can hide behind it. If the nausea is accompanied by vomiting and possibly also diarrhea, there is a risk of high fluid loss and an electrolyte imbalance. Even with a frequency of four to five vomiting or diarrhea per hour, circulatory problems can occur after a few hours. You should then go to the doctor.

Other reasons to see a doctor: If nausea and vomiting are associated with severe pain or high fever. Other side effects of nausea can also be a reason for an immediate visit to the doctor. Nausea with eye pain can be an indication of glaucoma, nausea with chest pain can indicate a heart attack, or nausea with back pain can be the result of pancreatic disease or a bulging of the abdominal artery (aortic aneurysm).

In most cases, however, it is worth trying a treatment with globules. Nausea is very often a harmless disturbance of well-being and is well suited for self-treatment.

Note: The concept of homeopathy and its specific effectiveness are controversial in science and not clearly proven by studies.


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